Leave Her to Heaven


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In theaters Dec 20, 1945
Unrated, 1 hr. 51 min.

Movie Info

Synopsis: Gene Tierney portrays a beautiful but unstable woman who marries successful novelist Cornel Wilde. Tierney wants to spend all her time with her new husband, but finds it impossible to do so thanks to
Director: John M. Stahl
Rated: Unrated
Running Time: 1 hr. 51 min.
Genre: Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Classics
Theater Release: Dec 20, 1945
DVD Release: Feb 22, 2005


Gene Tierney

Ellen Berent
Cornel Wilde

Richard Harland
Jeanne Crain

Ruth Berent
Vincent Price

Russell Quinton
Mary Philips

Mrs. Berent
Ray Collins

Glen Robie
Gene Lockhart

Dr. Saunders
Reed Hadley

Dr. Mason
Darryl Hickman

Danny Harland
Chill Wills

Leick Thome


Critic Reviews

  • Stahl's use of space and the performances in Leave Her to Heaven...suggest he was at least the equal of the much-exalted Sirk as an artist of melodrama. More...
  • A 'film noir in color' and a masterpiece of post-WWII American cinema. More...
  • Tierney's Ellen Berent [is] one of cinema's most chilling psychopaths. More...
  • As for the brother's death, with Ellen looking on coolly in white robe and shades, it remains one of the most perturbing in the history of Hollywood. More...
  • Has emotional power in the jealousy theme but it hasn't been as forcefully interpreted by the leads as it could have been in more histrionically capable hands. More...
  • It may be absurd, and even risible, but its single-minded concentration has its own kind of fascination and power. More...
  • One of the most intensely cruel and lurid film noir ever made, John Stahl's excessive melodrama features Gene Tierney in an Oscar nominated performances as a cold-blooded murderess. More...
  • Mental illness never looked so seductive or bit with such a ferocious over-bite as from Gene Tierney's demented character. More...
  • Everything is beautiful in Leave Her to Heaven. In fact, too beautiful. More...
  • A fevered yet clinical study of jealousy, Leave Her to Heaven is probably John M. Stahl's best-known film. More...

User Reviews

  • Loved it!
  • Gene Tierney succeeds playing against character, substituting her angelic presence for a childish, treacherous and venomous femme fatale. Noir in...
  • Gene Tierney's character gets my vote as the most cold-hearted, sociopathic, beautifully packaged villain to ever grace the silver screen. On a scale...
  • This is probably Tierney's best performance ever! If you're a fan you must see this movie.
  • You think you have a spiteful girlfriend? No you don't. Let Gene Tierney show you how it's done. She beautifully WICKEDLY plays a woman in love with...
  • "leave her to heaven" could be considered iconclastic to gene tierney's divine woman image she has flashed in "laura" that also fathoms the depth of...
  • Don't be fooled by the sugar coated first half of Leave Her to Heaven: The cute and romantic way the leads meet, Gene Tierney's luminous beauty...
  • A marvellous film noir which transcends two of the general constraints of the genre by a) eschewing cityscapes for majestic rural locations, chiefly...
  • Not the most amazing movie I've ever seen but if nothing else its an instructional film for avoiding psycho girlfriends.
  • Similar to her turn in Laura, Gene Tierney shows up in this equally great melodramatic performance. One of the first film noirs in colour from what I...