Love & Sex

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In theaters Aug 25, 2000
R, 1 hr. 22 min.


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Synopsis: Jon Favreau and Famke Janssen star in this slick indie film about love, romance, and jealousy. Kate (Janssen) almost gets fired from her posh magazine job when she submits an overly graphic, overly
Director: Valerie Breiman
Rated: R
Running Time: 1 hr. 22 min.
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Theater Release: Aug 25, 2000
DVD Release: Jan 30, 2001


Famke Janssen

Kate Welles
Jon Favreau

Adam Levy
Ann Magnuson

Ms. Steinbacher
Josh Hopkins

Joey Santino
Kristen Zang



Critic Reviews

Consensus: Famke Janssen's charm fails to rescue the movie from a dull screenplay.
  • Love & Sex hasn't a strong, distinctive style, but what sets it a cut above many similar films is that for all its surface humor it has substance and emotional depth. More...
  • It's slick, polished to perfection, derivative and stripped of any of the real quirks or idiosyncrasies that make a romantic comedy fly. More...
  • It's tough to watch immediately likable actors endure such a mercilessly dull screenplay. More...
  • This jovial and knowing aperitif of a movie is a charming example of what has come to be known as the date movie. More...
  • Marred by some soppy sections, casting that undermines the story's believability and a kind of self-consciousness that makes it hard to really care about the characters. More...
  • Love & Sex is nothing but pain and suffering. More...
  • As a date movie, it's hard to find a better selection. More...
  • Janssen sparkles serenely. More...
  • Janssen and Favreau provide enjoyably consoling company for those still dating their way through life. More...
  • This one tastes like a sour apple I had on a blind date many eons ago. More...

User Reviews

  • Yeah, I'll admit it, I liked this. At first glance it looks like another chick flick, but John Favreau totally turned it into a great comedy. It was...
  • Surprisingly well made, and a double surprising good cast of the two leads, instead of the usual flat boring actors this movies usually have (Richard...
  • A fantastic love story between 2 quirky characters. There are alot of laughs in this film...people wish for relationships as cool as this one!
  • I cheese sandwich this movie
  • boring, like a dewd with 3 inch.
  • "Love is Ecstasy and agony, freedom and imprisonment, belonging and loneliness. It's what keeps us together when life tears us apart. So when you find...
  • An overlooked rom-com charmer.
  • tick...tick...tick...tick...yep, all romantic-comedy cliches ticked off. Nearly unwatchable.
  • THIS IS MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOVIE!! Here's a movie that centralizes around Kate and Adam. A likely pair who is going through the motions of life,...