Necessary Roughness

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In theaters Sep 27, 1991
PG-13, 1 hr. 48 min.


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Synopsis: After a recruitment scandal, a struggling college football team is forced to turn to a rag-tag group of misfits in this sports comedy. It seems that Texas State University's football team has relied
Director: Stan Dragoti
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 1 hr. 48 min.
Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedy
Theater Release: Sep 27, 1991
DVD Release: Jan 30, 2001


Scott Bakula

Paul Blake
Hector Elizondo

Coach Ed Gennero
Robert Loggia

Coach Wally Riggendo...
Harley Jane Kozak

Suzanne Carter
Larry Miller

Dean Elias
Fred Dalton Thompson

Carver Purcell

Andre Krimm
Rob Schneider

Chuck Neiderman
Jason Bateman

Jarvis Edison
Andrew Bryniarski

Wyatt Beaudry


Critic Reviews

Consensus: This likeable, goofy football comedy has its moments, but it ultimately adheres too closely to the sports movie playbook to overcome the cliches in the script.
  • For every sharp one-liner about a pampered college football team that's "so corrupt it could use its yearbook photos as mug shots," there's a brain-numbing plot development that's straight out of a desperate sitcom. More...
  • The film itself is a genial, slight, entirely predictable football comedy, but it serves Bakula well. More...
  • As they say in football, pass. More...
  • The shameless commercialism and hypocrisy of big-time college football is a target as inviting as a receiver wide open in the end zone. But the muddled huddle that is Necessary Roughness is one long fumble strewn with offensive lines. More...
  • An amiable comedy. More...
  • This gridiron comedy piles up cliches the way Notre Dame racks up yardage, with an option-variety screenplay that promiscuously pitches the story in multiple directions. More...
  • Cue endless football montages, interspersed with a load of drivel about finding fulfilment, making real friends, and rediscovering the joys of pure sporting endeavour. More...
  • If the movie were a farcical free-for-all ridiculing the hyper-competitive world of college football, it might be amusing. But it can never decide whether to be an athletic answer to National Lampoon's Animal House or icky-inspirational like Rocky. More...
  • The movie doesn't try to pump itself up into more than it is, a good-humored entertainment. More...
  • An infectious albeit formulaic game of Cinderella football, this happy athletic romp seems to know just how wheezy it is, but the team grunts "hut, hut," and puts it right on the numbers anyway. More...

User Reviews

  • this an episode of 'Quantum Leap' following the constant adventures of 'Sam Beckett'?. No?! well it sure as hell seems like it as the ever...
  • Necessary Roughness is a mildly entertaining comedy. This is not the type of film that is hysterically funny, but more mildly funny. There are a few...
  • A fairly run of the mill sports movie with all the cliches in place, but Bakula and Elizondo are always very likeable.
  • pretty good flick, kathy ireland in her prime
  • Good comedy with a college in a terrible football team. Model Kathy Ireland's cool for kicking one of other team's player's balls. Opps!
  • Funny!