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In theaters Dec 14, 1994
PG-13, 1 hr. 52 min.

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Synopsis: A woman is brought to civilization after spending her life in the wilds in this drama. Dr. Jerome Lovell (Liam Neeson) happens upon a shack deep in the woods, where he discovers a strange woman who
Director: Michael Apted
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 1 hr. 52 min.
Genre: Drama
Theater Release: Dec 14, 1994
DVD Release: Feb 03, 2004


Liam Neeson

Jerome Lovell
Natasha Richardson

Paula Olsen
Richard Libertini

Alexander Paley
Nick Searcy

Todd Peterson
Robin Mullins

Mary Peterson
Jeremy Davies

Billy Fisher
O'Neal Compton

Don Fontana
Dana Stevens

Rachel Weiss


Critic Reviews

  • Stunningly awful on almost every level. More...
  • Somber, ponderous, and pretentious, this is a clinical study of a wild woman (Jodie Foster) raised in the backwoods, far from the interference and contamination (according to the film) of Civilization. It's better to see Truffaut's Wild Child. More...
  • Decent triumph over adversity movie. Nell has a unique disability. More...
  • Jodie Foster is totally immersing More...
  • I know I'm in a minority, but I sort of had fun with this movie. More...
  • Interesting, with strong performances, though not thoroughly convincing More...
  • Nell will startle you with its poignant message that we can all be angels bringing grace and trust and light into each other's lives. More...
  • Truly dismal More...
  • Nell's bell knells when her stroke-victim mother drops dead at the beginning of the film. More...
  • More...

User Reviews

  • How in the hell did Jodie Foster seriously get an Oscar nomination for this, possibly the weirdest film to ever be taken seriously on the public...
  • Jodie Foster is a great actor. Watch this movie just to see her performance.
  • Not a great movie.
  • i liked this film i thought it was inspirational and heart warming and probably jodie fosters best acting ever she did a performance of a lifetime and...
  • A unique and original film, Jodie Foster plays a great part in this and is a very intersting story.
  • Gripping and emotionally rewarding, this offbeat story never compromises its clear-eyed point of view.
  • This one was a bit weird about a women found in the woods.
  • You know that Jodie Foster was thinking "Oscar! Oscar!" to herself when she signed on for this terminally stupid hunk of pap.
  • Jodie Foster ego project that seems to have been conceived for the sole reason of bagging a best actress oscar ("ha ha" as Nelson Muntz would say.)...
  • Foster is excellent in this movie.