Oh! What a Lovely War

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In theaters Oct 03, 1969
G, 2 hr. 24 min.


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Synopsis: Oh! What a Lovely War is an every-man-for-himself adaptation of Charles Chilton's 1963 play, as staged in London by Joan Littlewood. The tragedy of World War I is redefined in bawdy music-hall terms,
Director: Richard Attenborough
Rated: G
Running Time: 2 hr. 24 min.
Genre: Drama, Musical & Performing Arts, Classics
Theater Release: Oct 03, 1969
DVD Release: Nov 07, 2006


John Rae

Grandpa Smith
Corin Redgrave

Bertie Smith
Ralph Richardson

Sir Edward Grey
Meriel Forbes

Lady Grey
Wensley Pithey

Archduke Franz Ferdi...
Ruth Kettlewell

Duchess Sophie
Ian Holm

President Poincare


Critic Reviews

  • It is an elaborately staged tableau, a dazzling use of the camera to achieve essentially theatrical effects. And judged on that basis, Richard Attenborough has given us a breathtaking evening. More...
  • An often too-clever, sometimes moving piece. More...
  • [Attenborough] has chosen to make a big, elaborate, sometimes realistic film whose elephantine physical proportions and often brilliant all-star cast simply overwhelm the material with a surfeit of good intentions. More...
  • Dedicated, exhilarating, shrewd, mocking, funny, emotional, witty, poignant and technically brilliant. More...
  • The huge potential of this all-star vehicle was mainly squandered through a lack of subtlety or irony. More...
  • Stylised, satirical and ultimately moving. More...
  • It's a mammoth shame that this film has slipped down the back of the sofa of movie history. More...
  • This 1969 classic features some top names from movie history, including the late Laurence Olivier and British greats Maggie Smith and Ian Holm, and impressively staged music hall songs. More...
  • Richard Attenborough's directorial debut is a sprawling, highly stylized musical satire of WWI featuring some of Britain's very finest actors. More...
  • An impressive debut from Richard Attenborough, made memorable by its all-star cast and incredible final shot. More...

User Reviews

  • A strange and interesting Great War film that presents the conflict as, among other things, a garish seaside carnival to which everyone wanted a...