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In theaters Sep 04, 2008
R, 1 hr. 54 min.

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Synopsis: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels director Guy Ritchie heads back to the London underworld for this hyperkinetic crime comedy concerning a shady land deal that leaves every schemer in the city determined to get rich or die trying. When a Russian mobster orchestrates a lucrative real estate scam, every criminal in London wants a piece of the action. Greed is the universal language, and everyone from unrelenting crime boss Lenny Cole (Tom Wilkinson) to street-smart criminal One Two (Gerard
Director: Guy Ritchie
Rated: R
Running Time: 1 hr. 54 min.
Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure
Theater Release: Sep 04, 2008
DVD Release: Jan 27, 2009


Tom Wilkinson

Lenny Cole
Idris Elba

Tom Hardy

Handsome Bob
Karel Roden

Uri Obamavich
Toby Kebbell

Johnny Quid

Critic Reviews

Consensus: Mixed reviews for Guy Ritchie's return to his London-based cockney wideboy gangster movie roots, but most agree, it's a step in the right direction following two major turkeys.
  • This is a wonderful movie. More...
  • Guns, gangsters, and Richie's unique style and tone make his latest picture just plain fun. More...
  • Ritchie, who shoots and cuts everything in RocknRolla like an ad for a particularly greasy brand of fragrance for men, delivers the beatings and killings in his trademark atmosphere of morally weightless flash. More...
  • Style is what RocknRolla is all about. And it has it in spades, from the cockney Pulp Fiction dialogue to the music-video editing of the rambling narrative. More...
  • RocknRolla is a recovery from the knockout blows of his past two films but Ritchie is certainly retreading familiar thematic territory. More...
  • As in other Ritchie films, RocknRolla attempts to depict a world of ever-expanding chaos. But the chaos is only in the way the story is told. The actual vision Ritchie offers is pedestrian and tame. More...
  • This exuberant exercise in pretzel-plotted crime capers is a ridiculously entertaining piece of nonsense, devoid of all the attempts at psychological complexity and philosophical navel-gazing that bogged down Revolver. More...
  • Flashy but assured, the film is a controlled exercise in style that toes the line but never feels over-the-top. In a word, RocknRolla rocks. More...
  • A handsome ensemble of blokes and one high-heeled accountant who propel this slam-bang romp about the collision of criminal styles in the age of globalization and real estate speculation. More...
  • For all its hipster posturing, fast cutting, and camera tricks, this tale of chicanery is peculiarly arid and brittle, without a single character worth caring about. More...