Wayne's World 2

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In theaters Dec 10, 1993
PG-13, 1 hr. 34 min.


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Synopsis: Everyone's favorite headbangers from Aurora, Illinois, are back in this sequel to the 1992 hit comedy Wayne's World. The success of their TV show allows Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar
Director: Stephen Surjik
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 1 hr. 34 min.
Genre: Comedy
Theater Release: Dec 10, 1993
DVD Release: Jul 10, 2001


Mike Myers

Wayne Campbell
Dana Carvey

Garth Algar
Tia Carrere

Ralph Brown

Del Preston
Kim Basinger

Honey Hornee
James Hong

Mr. Wong


Critic Reviews

Consensus: The characters are still endearing, but the jokes in Wayne's World 2 are more hit-and-miss the second time around.
  • Hilarious. More...
  • Much funnier than the first film. More...
  • This film is sometimes too familiar, especially in early scenes that deliberately repeat the first film's gags. But the formula isn't tired yet. More...
  • The secret to the comedy of the Wayne's World movies is their goodwill... and in Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar the series has created two characters it is impossible to dislike. More...
  • The sequel to last year's breakaway hit offers more of the same, but it's somehow fresher, funnier and more endearing than the airheaded original. More...
  • Carvey is such a lovable doofus and Myers such a well-intentioned naif that it's hard to get down on them, especially considering that the heirs to their niche in pop iconography are Beavis and Butt-head. More...
  • There are some worthwhile moments in Wayne's World 2, but not enough to justify a feature-length movie. More...
  • became more about an excuse to party. Sure, that fits Wayne Campbell's style, but I was hoping for some more story, even if it was a bit silly More...
  • Wayne's World 2 revels in silliness even more than the first movie, but it turns out that's a good thing as compensation for the otherwise repetitive feel. [Blu-ray] More...
  • No one was more surprised than I was that not only did this "Saturday Night Live" sketch work as a film, it worked twice, and uproariously both times. More...

User Reviews

  • It didn't live up to the first, this was just stupid and not funny, and it wasn't the cool stupid like the first.
  • One of the best comedy sequels ever made, it follows the first movie exactly, doesn't change any actors, and it is just as funny without reusing all...
  • It doesn't equal or surpass the first, but this is still a good sequel, and a decent film in general. Surjik isn't quite as good a director as...
  • Wayne's World 2 is the perfect example of a better sequel. The film is even more enjoyable, and features some awesome cameos. In this one, Wayne...
  • Possibly worse than the original. Mike Myers acting and comedic timing is just nowhere near my taste. I feel he uses cheap laughs and holds zero...
  • A fun but inferior sequel that descended into a spoof movie.
  • I actually liked this one better than the first one.
  • Kim Basinger.
  • Because of Christopher Walken I like it.
  • Really funny film, look for a cute cameo from Drew Barrymore. I still think the first one was better.