War of the Worlds Set Report From Croton Point Park, NY

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Ain't It Cool News has posted a set report from the "War of the Worlds" set in Croton Point Park, New York. While he only visited the set after shooting was completed (and took some pics with his cell phone), his friend was there and relayed what he saw. In one of the shots, "clothes scattered into the woods and on the playground being lit with orange light at night, with wind and smoke. It looked liked all that remained of the victims of the alien weapon." In another, his friend saw "Cruise and Fanning walking through the smoke filled woods where many of the vines hanging from the trees had been painted bright red. Fanning was wearing a long cloak, and it appeared that they were relieved after having survived some intense conflict." In some of the pics supplied, thick red vines can be seen curling around trees in a forest. A water cooler-like bottle with what looks to be some sort of alien mass can be seen in two of the pics. Directed by Steven Spielberg, "War of the Worlds" stars Tom Cruise and will be released June 29, 2005.