J.J. Abrams on Alias, Lost, and Mission: Impossible 3

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Want to know more about the man who will be directing Tom Cruise in "Mission: Impossible 3"? USA Today has done a profile on J.J. Abrams, series creator of TV's "Alias" and "Lost." The article paints him as a family man and a former micromanager who has since learned to delegate and thrive on multitasking. "He has to have six or seven things going on to activate him. It energizes him creatively," says "Lost" executive producer Damon Lindelof. His busy day begins even before he gets to his office at Disney studios, with producers intercepting him in the parking lot. As for "Mission: Impossible 3," the movie won't start production until the TV season ends, simply because Abrams has "too much on his plate."