Batman Begins Super Bowl Spot

The "Batman Begins" Super Bowl Spot is online for those who had missed the big game or want to see it again. Directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale, "Batman Begins" tells the story of how Bruce Wayne becomes the caped crusader. The movie will be in theaters June 17th.

See the clip here.



Felix Vasquez Jr.

I can't wait to see this.

Feb 8 - 02:32 PM


conrad sanchez

It sure looks great!

Feb 9 - 01:58 AM


geraldo clough

[b]I liked the earlier trailer better[/b]
I always liked the Batman origin; I hope the far east is done well, I think it will be as it seems like the producers have signed some actors who know how to act-- Freeman, Neeson and Bale. This might be a really good film, maybe even better than Burton's Batman films which are fairly good movies.

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Feb 9 - 05:55 AM


Tom Jones

I am looiking forward to this so bad. They better make him the pissed off anti-hero Batman and not the whipped pu$$y Batman.

Feb 10 - 05:49 PM


:: Eidolon

[b]Bale is perfect[/b]
Bale is about the perfect choice for any dark role. He was ferociously true to the true character in American Psycho, that despite the non linear adaption, I loved the movie version purely for Bale's performance. Also, he can play dark characters, good or bad, as seen in Shaft or Equilibrium. I haven't seen The Machinist yet, but if he even puts a fraction of the same energy into getting into this character, I'll watch the movie just for him, he's a fantastic actor.

Feb 10 - 06:12 PM


conrad sanchez

I hope the action is not lame like in the other batman movies! even tim burton's movies had borring action. I also hope they don't over exagerate with having the right gadget at the right time for the right situation....

Feb 11 - 03:26 AM


Tom Jones

Yea, the previous Batman movies should be totally thrown out. They were all rubbisto me. The enemies in those were overexaggerated and blatantly stupid.

Feb 11 - 02:17 PM


Daniel Kossler

I enjoyed the first Batman. Batman Returns was pretty good too, but as for the other two... THEY SUCKED! But I have high hopes for Batman Begins, it looks like it will be very good, but we'll see...

Feb 12 - 03:51 PM


Karlie Mae

Ooooo! I saw it! I saw the Scare Crow!! *Cleats Throat* I'm praying they dont screw this up, I will be very sad if they do.

Feb 14 - 04:57 AM


Alex Irish

As long as it does'nt reek of bat fecees like the last flik...

Feb 15 - 09:27 AM


Tom Jones

The last few films were 90 minute gay jokes.

"Holy bat stick batman!"
*close up of man putting on spandex underwear*

Feb 15 - 01:53 PM

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