Brad Bird on Incredibles 2

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FilmFocus caught up with the director of last year's Oscar-winning animation "The Incredibles," Brad Bird, to talk about his plans for a sequel.

"Oh man," he said, "I don't know... I think I want to do something else for a little bit but I would love to return to these guys if the right project came about, because I love these characters. I have ideas that I didn't get to use in this movie that are good ideas."

Bird also told the website that he didn't think "Toy Story 3" would work without the original team producing it, saying, "They might be saying they'd do that, but it wouldn't be a good move for anybody because it would surely disappoint people and I think that Disney of all people are aware of how hard these films are to make and I think that deep down they respect that."

The director also talked about the state of CG animation in movies, "A lot more of these films are getting made," he said, "and that's going to be good news in some ways and bad news in others. I think that some people feel that all you need to do is take a bad idea and put it through a computer and it's going to become a good idea. I think those people are in for a rude awakening."

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