In Other News...Cameron Diaz, Nic Cage, and Jack Nicholson

"Charlie's Angels" bombshell Cameron Diaz stepped on the wrong toes while partying in Monte Carlo, reportedly receiving a punch to the face from tab-friendly New Zealand model Coralie Eicholtz. Eicholtz, who gleefully retold her story to Britain's Daily Star, was at a glitzy nightclub party when Diaz stepped on her dress, ripping a hole and causing her to fall. Like fellow Kiwi Russell Crowe, the enraged Eicholtz sprang to action, landing a right hook to Diaz's picture-perfect puss before being restrained by friends. Diaz, whose female-rivalry drama "In Her Shoes" is due out this fall, has bigger things to worry about from the hot-headed model; Eicholtz schemed that her revenge would be complete by stealing the actress' crooner-turned-actor boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.

Proving that even celebs are not immune to internet fraud, Nicolas Cage has fallen victim to a dirty-talking, email-writing identity thief. The star of October's "The Weather Man" has notified authorities that someone broke into his personal email account, the amazingly normal-sounding, and wrote numerous sexually explicit emails to friends and acquaintances on his contacts list. Cage discovered the intrusion only when surprised recipients of the imposter emails confronted him, and is seeking the assistance of the FBI to catch his trespasser.

Another actor is apparently writing his own dirty words -- reports have Jack Nicholson re-writing sex scenes for his character in the upcoming Scorsese-helmed crime drama, "The Departed." The flick, which stars Matt Damon and a recovering Leonardo DiCaprio as undercover moles (one in the police squad, the other in a gang), features Nicholson as a Boston Irish gangster. Naturally, the 68-year old actor shares love scenes with lovely young ladies, and with Nicholson adding a director-approved dusting of blow on a lady's behind, those scenes are bound to get even wilder. The triumph of his re-write? Using a prosthetic "appendage" in his sex scenes, a la Dirk Diggler.


Flim Springfield

Robb P


Jun 22 - 11:53 PM


Victoria Leduc

Wow, thanks for posting that email. Now we can email Nicolas Cage! XD (j/k)

Eeeww, I rather eat poop than watch Jack Nicholson get it on with women!

Jun 23 - 12:19 AM


troy martin

Diaz is over-rated, I'm actually glad someone smacked her up a little. And I wonder who the hacker emailed those emails to?

Jun 23 - 01:29 AM


Robert Kimberlin

If Jack is going through a mid-life crisis, he's 30 years too late. Great actor though!

Jun 23 - 02:47 PM

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