WB Elects to Do a White "House" Comedy

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Screenwriter Stacy Sherman has sold her very first script, "The People's House," to Warner Bros., while director / screenwriter / husband Billy Ray will help out as an executive producer.

Variety indicates that Mr. Ray passed his wife's screenplay along to producer Brian Grazer while they were working on the upcoming "Flightplan" -- and apparently Mr. Grazer (and WB) liked what they read.

The comedy is about a U.S. president who "is caught philandering, and the first lady kicks him out of the house and files for divorce. Because the first couple has few personal assets beyond the promise of future riches from memoirs and speaking engagements, she's granted custody of the most famous residence in D.C. The most powerful world leader finds himself sleeping in his childhood bedroom, returning to the Oval Office for only for work."

The studio plans a quick polish on the screenplay before fast-tracking "The People's House" into production.