Uni Locks Up Apatow for Another Offbeat Rom-Com

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If you're among the millions who enjoyed "The 40 Year-Old Virgin," then you should be happy to learn (from Variety) that writer/director Judd Apatow has just inked a deal with Universal to deliver another "offbeat romantic comedy" -- and no, it's not a "Virgin" sequel.

The plan this time around is to let Seth Rogen try his hand in the leading man spotlight.

"The studio has acquired an untitled pitch that Apatow is writing and will direct. Pic, planned for a start next spring, will be populated by many of Apatow's "Virgin" collaborators. That includes the new film's star, Seth Rogen, co-stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. Shauna Robertson will return to produce with Apatow.

Apatow describes his untitled project as "an offbeat romantic comedy" but wouldn't divulge more other than to say its cost will be comparable to the $26 million "Virgin" budget.

"I met Seth when he was 16 and he auditioned for 'Freaks and Geeks,' and I've always felt he was one of those guys who was born with a fully formed comic persona," Apatow said. "As for me, the success of 'Virgin' and this new deal is karmic payback for all of the series I've had canceled.""