Stephen Chow Talks "Kung Fu Hustle" Sequel

Yahoo! News (via the AP) brings the scoopage on a sequel to Stephen Chow's "Kung Fu Hustle," which did somewhat decent business here in the states -- but those who've seen the flick seem to really love it. "Chow called the movie's $17.1 million box office take in America as of Aug. 18 "not bad," but said, "I hope I can do better in the future."

Chow said casting for the "Kung Fu Hustle" sequel hasn't been finalized and that he hasn't settled on a female lead.

"There will be a lot of new characters in the movie. We'll need a lot of new actors. It's possible that we'll look for people abroad besides casting locals," he said."

For those who've not yet experienced the insanity of "Kung Fu Hustle," it's (hint hint) on DVD already.


The Senhman

Senh Duong

I think there's a sequel because it broke records all over the place in Asia.

Aug 31 - 02:16 AM


conrad sanchez

I thought that movie totally kicked ass!

Aug 31 - 04:16 AM


First Last

I agree with the senh duong.
The "decent" business Kung Fu Hustle did in the States is a pittance compared to its mammoth box office take in Asia. That alone should be reason enough for a sequel.

I just finished watching the film for the fourth time the other night, and it struck me (after four viewings -- I'm slow I know) that the movie was not merely a slapstick sendup to other genres, but it actually stands up as high art on its own.

Aug 31 - 05:52 AM


jonathan watterman

i bow to you, stephen chow

Aug 31 - 08:35 AM


Ken Schrock

Couldn't care less. The first one really wasn't half as great as I had been hearing.

Aug 31 - 12:41 PM


van der graaf generator cared enough to post :) ... so i guess you COULD HAVE cared less.

Aug 31 - 01:01 PM


van der graaf generator cared enough to post :) ... so i guess you COULD HAVE cared less.

Aug 31 - 01:01 PM


Tim K

Wow, excellent news. I bet Stephen Chow can make it work.

Aug 31 - 04:59 PM

A Guy Named Skye

Skye Huang

I heard people say that Stephen Chow inspired the great actor Jim Carrey into doing what he does best today O.o

Aug 31 - 05:38 PM


Matt Romo

When Hollywood started vomitting and calling the regurgitation cinema, I stopped watching. I breathed a sigh of relief when I was introduced to Japanese and Chinese cinema. Keep up the good work Chow.

Sep 1 - 03:26 PM


Nogard64 64

I wonder if he will try to have a more international appeal in the sequel, is that what he means by casting people from abroad?? because for reasons I cant seem to put my finger on the movie really didn't do very well in the states.

Sep 1 - 07:50 PM


Ender Wiggin

[b]Sequel? Duh[/b]
I don't think anyone missed this one coming. The movie being more westernized next time around!?! Are you joking me....the movie was incredibly westernized as is...anymore would be overkill....if they try dubbing it this time around and marketing it better they could have taken over 50 mill easily with the first one. Its just so damn hard to market foreign comedies.........especially ones with subtitles. But that's the way i like them. So...if stephen chow wants to make it with emphasis on westernization..i guess that would be nice...because more people would appreciate his talents. But he may turn off the critics and niche audience. Ah well...just get the studio to market the damn thing well enough!

Dub the damn thing if you have to!!!!!

Sep 5 - 12:20 AM

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