Alba Talks "Sin City" Sequels, Dreams of "Jeannie," and More of the "Four" recently sat down with the fine figure known as Jessica Alba, and the curvaceous young actress shared some tidbits on the status of "Sin City 2," the "Fantastic Four" reviews, the possibilities of an "I Dream of Jeannie" flick, and (of course) this weekend's "Into the Blue."

On "SC2": ""I talked to Robert (Rodriguez), and he's doing some movie with Quentin (Grind House), where they're each writing half of a movie and then they use the same twelve people," she said. "He's doing that now and then I know he wants to do 'Sin City' after that, but Frank (Miller) is like a big Hollywood star now. He's being offered all these things to direct and write. I had dinner with him, and he has some pretty damn cool ideas about Nancy, and I think he's going to write something for me. I mean, he said he was. Who knows until I see the script. He might do it as a graphic novel first and then release it simultaneously? I don't know.""

On the potential adaptation of "I Dream of Jeannie": ""I've definitely met a couple times with Sony and we've talked about it. The script is just not in the shape that I would want it to be in if I was going to do it. I want to do the show and I want the charm of the show. I don't want to do a version of the modern thing. No. People want to see Jeannie, and so that's all the conversations have been about.""

On random future projects: ""There are two action movies I'm attached to as a producer, and they've been in development for a year. One's called 'Sonic' and the other's called 'Beautiful Killer,' (also based on a comic book) and I would do one or the other if they ever got made. Then there's a romantic comedy that I'm attached to, an adaptation of a Korean movie that's in development, and then I'm developing a video game, which is a non-violent video game that can relate to people all over the world. There are seven or eight characters that you can customize. They're from different countries with different music and clothing styles. It's kind of a lifestyle video game and it's really cool, but it's still in prototype mode.""

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Tom Malmin

[b]No, Frank! Don't do it![/b]
I don't know which I'm having a harder time believing: Hollywood kissing Miller's ass, or the fact that he's going to write more material for Alba. Just when us fans thought it was safe to go back to Sin City...

Sep 30 - 07:54 PM

Blue Arc

First Last

[b]Alba sounds like an air head.[/b]
I don't think there's much between those pretty ears of hers. Except of course, her pretty face. I bet that's it though. Oh, booo for more her in Sin City, and yay for her decision to skip that mistake known as the I Dream of Jeannie movie.

Oct 1 - 12:41 AM


Victoria Leduc

Just because Alba is pretty doesn't mean that she can be mis-casted in movies.

I thought she totally didn't fit the part as the Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four. I swear, she was only casted because she's pretty and getting popular. I hope she doesn't get the part in I Dream of Jeannie because she doesn't fit the lead part either.

Oct 2 - 12:19 AM


Rodney Leggett

I dream of Jessica

Oct 3 - 11:50 PM

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