It's Official: Daniel Craig is 007

Summary shares with us the long-in-coming announcement, and it's one that shouldn't stun any of the astute movie geeks: British actor Daniel Craig has been signed to play everyone's favorite superspy, James Bond. The next 007 adventure, "Casino Royale," goes before the cameras early next year. Back to Article


Michael Sokiveta

[b]Nuts to that[/b]
Besides Brosnan, Clive Owen would be a good choice, but it almost makes me think that he would have been too obvious (like casting Carrie Ann Moss as Aeon Flux). I mean, Owen made all of those short films for BMW where he was a driver -- you know, those movies that the Transporter were based on. And then Owen played a spy opposite Matt Damon in Borne Identity.

Rowin Atkinson, that's who we need.

Oct 15 - 10:56 PM


Neal Parga

[b]Outrageous choice[/b]
Daniel Craig for 007? What a joke? He looks older than Brosnan even though Craig is just 37.

Barbara Broccoli and her Bond empire will go up in flames when Casino Royale opens in 2006 due to Craig as 007.

Should have kept Brosnan! If not Brosnan, get Ralph Fiennes or Clive Owen...
I don't get it. Timothy Dalton who I liked as 007 played Bond really serious and gritty like the Fleming novels. But Craig does not have the look like Dalton.

Only Roger Moore could play a blonde James Bond not Craig. Boy, our standards in 2005 are getting lower especially after Sean, Roger, Timothy, and Pierce played and looked the part as 007. Even Mel Gibson would be a great Bond!

Oct 16 - 12:50 AM

Elessar Oronro

Joss Whedon

I agree with the poster who said this movie will bomb commercially. No matter how talented this guy may be (and he has to be, since they picked him) the general American public has no idea who this guy is. Walk down mainstreet America and ask anyone if they've actually seen Layer Cake.

Oct 16 - 01:56 AM


solomon sassoon

[b]Daniel is GREAT![/b]
Clive Owen?!? Give me a break! I can't stand the guy... the way he spells every word with his lips... like he's talking to two year-olds, who don't know English! I realize many will jump on this: but he was the WORST in "Sin City"-- I don't think I want to see any more movies starring him-- least not Bond-- who is one of my favorite charaters! Daniel Craig is a GREAT choice. He has quiet sophistication in his looks. He does look somewhat shrewd and 'cunning'-- well, guess what? That's EXACTLY what a great-spy SHOULD look like! The funny thing is, the very SAME people who are dissing Daniel today-- are going to be the ones who will HAIL him and praise him, after "Casino Royale" debuts. MARK my WORDS. You can take this to the bank. Craig makes a (for once) TRUE 007.

Oct 16 - 08:10 AM


Travon Smith

You are a fucking prophet as well. You should have made a bet with people about this movie, you'd made a killing lol.

Jan 28 - 02:43 AM


solomon sassoon

[b]THE SAME GUYS...[/b]
Those guys who are NOT liking Daniel as Bond 007-- are the VERY SAME guys who offered that stupid Orlando Bloom (who SINGLE-HANDEDLY bombed "Kingdom of Heaven" with his apathetic stiffness...), for the coveted role... So really, Craig is way better than a FINE choice. As someone noted here before, now 'they' need to write a more serious toned, maturer (yet still fun including...) Bond-Adventure, and "Casino Royale" is going to ROCK!

Oct 16 - 08:19 AM


Bryan Brooks

They shot themselves in the foot with no Brosnan!!! That is what some of the current wannabe fans will expect. Daniel Craig is an excellent choice for the role, especially having seen layer cake. He will make an excellent Bond; however, he will be compared to to Brosnan the entire time. He may not be able to fill the Brosnan shoes, but he will fill Bonds shoes, and move into the ranks with Sean and Roger!!!

Oct 16 - 09:00 AM


Mike Jameson

I hope they are able to really revamp the whole franchise with Casino Royale. Some people seem to fear a darker, more serious bond, but I think that is just what the series needs. Am I the only one who can't stop rolling their eyes every time Bronsnan spouts off some stupid ass one-liner? Congrats to Craig!

Oct 16 - 12:32 PM


Matt Wiggins

this franchise really does need a complete overhaul in my opinion. the world is not enough and die another day were both steaming shitpiles. in truth, goldeneye was the only brosnan bond film that could hold a candle to the originals. so now with that same director, paul haggis writing, and the fresh face of craig as a more serious bond, i feel safe enough to get excited about a bond film for the first time this milennia.

Oct 16 - 03:54 PM


Mark Gougeon

jude law is a pansy. he's almost as much of a woman as orlando bloom. daniel craig is excellent and i've been hoping for im the whole time

Oct 17 - 12:03 PM


Inessa Lenin

Yesterday I read one newspaper discussed about Bond actors
Sean Connery--classic
Roger Moore--profitable
Pierce Brosnan--expensive

Oct 17 - 08:58 PM


Kevin Levan

[b]That'll do pig, that'll do![/b]
I'm just saying that anyone who hasn't seen 'Layer Cake' will not get a clear idea of how this man will pull off what I think will be the job of the decade. The Brosnan movies were the worst of the series and let's hope the next Bond will be a darker and more subversively witty film. While I would have loved to see Clive Owen tackle the role (he OWNED Closer & Sin City), Craig will do!!

Oct 18 - 03:06 AM


sam baiamonte

[b]Another 007 movie?[/b]
I stopped caring way before Tommorow Never Dies came out. They should just stop now and stop ruining the Bond franchise.

Oct 19 - 07:20 AM


Matt Romo

Give blonde Bond a chance. I will probably see the next movie. I was tired of Bronson anyways.

Oct 19 - 03:26 PM


jay durden

[b]man, come on...[/b]
Leave Bronson alone, he's 84 for god's sake!!

Oct 19 - 03:41 PM


jay durden

[b]man, come on...[/b]
Leave Bronson alone, he's 84 for god's sake!!

Oct 19 - 03:41 PM


Kareem Abou-ali

[b]Stop your whining...[/b]
I agree with anyone who has seen Daniel Craig in "Layer Cake." The guy was obviously cast for a reason... I am sure that diirector Martin Campbell, who made one of the best Bond films with "Goldeneye," had some say in the casting of Craig since he has been attached to the project for a little less than a year now.
Furthermore, while it does sadden me that Pierce Brosnan is no longer going to play James Bond, we have to remember that he cannot play the role forever. Both Roger Moore AND Sean Connery made the mistake of coming back to do another James Bond film (Moore with "Octopussy" and "A View to a Kill"; Connery with "Never Say Never Again") when they were obviously past their primes. It was a great four-picture run, but I feel that if Brosnan played Bond again, he would have been pushing his term even if it meant greater box office success for the franchise.
Which brings me to a final point: anyone who thinks that this film will not do well is insane! Every actor who has played James Bond, from Connery to Brosnan, was not well known when they were cast for the role. In fact, Moore and Brosnan were famous for being television spies who did not fit the likeness of James Bond. I think that Broccoli and Co.'s gamble with Craig will pay off if they based their decision solely on his performance in "Layer Cake," where ironically he pretended to be James Bond.

Oct 20 - 04:42 PM


First Last

[b]You've had too many shaken martinis[/b]
... if you think JUDE LAW would have been a good bond. Christ! Did you see Closer? He was a whining pansy through the whole movie and unattractive to boot. I've seen about half of Layer Cake and while Daniel Craig is an excellent actor, Clive Owen most closely embodies the sexy, hard-ass Bond I've so missed since Sean Connery became decrepit and feeble. Who knows though, Craig may kick some major ass. Clive Owen is just so hot and British though, damn that's disappointing.

Oct 20 - 05:58 PM


Josh Jones

I agree with everyone who has flamed those who support some of the mainstream actors we've often heard in the "next Bond" talk. Orlando Bloom? I shuddered just thinking about it. Hugh Jackman? Jude Law? Yeah right. I always wanted Clive Owen ever since I first saw him in Croupier, and was disappointed he turned it down, but thinking more critically I don't know if he would have brought anything new to the table. They most definitely should have kept Brosnan for at least a 5th and maybe a 6th outing, as he was excellent, but what's done is done. As for Dalton, if you recall they tried to get back to the books and make Bond more gritty and a badass, as a result The Living Daylights was great but most people agree that License To Kill was not. A good action movie, but not a good Bond/spy movie.
Which brings us to the point of this new movie. Casino Royale was Ian Fleming's first book, and the David Niven/Woody Allen/Peter Sellers/Orson Welles parody movie just borrowed the name alone and is not and never was an "official" Bond movie. So ignore it. The producers are going back in time and getting a story from a fresh Bond when he first gets his "00" license to kill. It will definitely be a throwback to the Connery days and is SUPPOSED to be a throwback to simpler, grittier, less gadget-y films in the series. Think From Russia With Love.
Daniel Craig will be perfect for this. They did precisely what they should have done in not getting a Hollywood pretty boy, and get a more raw, fresh guy to take the series in this new direction. The big complaint about Bond movies for years (decades, even) has been its unoriginal, repetitive formula, but whenever they suggest straying from that formula, people freak out. This is the shot in the arm that the series needs, and I for one cannot wait. You don't have to see Layer Cake to know that this is a great idea - but it would certainly make you feel better if you're worried.

Oct 21 - 08:27 AM


steven wolfgang

[b]Open your eyes PEOPLE[/b]
What a lame choice. James Bond movie is not just being a good actor.Its all about sophistication and coolnes with a razor edge look.Daniel Craig just hasnt got the appeal and the look so to speak.Hes a bit rough around the edges.Hell he could win an oscar and still wouldnt look good for a 007.I saw Layer Cake and to be honest his acting is just at par with the average hollywood character actor.Its like anybody can do that, put Jason Biggs in Layer Cake and he would make a good impression.Bottomline is they made a bad business decision and whoever think DC is right for the job should have a visit to SPECSAVERS.

Oct 26 - 06:37 PM


Rich Proto

[b]Dye his hair.[/b]
I'm willing to give the guy a chance... but then again, I really thought Dalton was good (still do), so what do I know? But if he is blond, he is not Bond, so dye his hair or forget it. As for writing, I agree most of the latest have not been so hot... with the exception of TWINE. There was great character development, and an interesting story line.

Brown hair dye: $6.75
Pierce Brosnan: $12.5 millon
Brown-Haired Craig as Bond: Priceless

Feb 23 - 05:07 AM


Travon Smith

You're pretty much a prophet, greetings from 2011 lol.

Jan 28 - 02:37 AM

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