Cumming, Heche & Boreanaz to Work for "Charity"

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Actor/director Alan Cumming will helm and star in "Suffering Man's Charity," a dark comedy indie ensemble that just began production in Los Angeles.

Says The Hollywood Reporter: "Alan Cumming is starring in and directing "Suffering Man's Charity," a dark comedy that also stars David Boreanaz, Anne Heche, Henry Thomas and Carrie Fisher. DJ Paul, Donald Zuckerman and Craig Snider are producing the low-budget indie, which is in production in Los Angeles. Boreanaz plays a struggling writer who is accidentally killed by Cumming one evening. Cumming discovers the writer's novel and ends up taking credit for penning it. When it becomes a success, the writer comes back to haunt him."

Probably best known for his work in "X-Men 2" and the "Spy Kids" movies, Cumming also co-directed (with Jennifer Jason Leigh) the rather surprisingly good "The Anniversary Party."