"White Noise 2" Hires a Sequel-Centric Director

Hollywood North Report brings some Canadian movie news that'll thrill all you fans of PG-13 horror sequels: A director has been hired for "White Noise 2: Noisier."

(Just kidding about the "Noisier" part.)

"Brightlight Pictures announced its latest collaboration with Gold Circle Films on "White Noise 2: The Light," a sequel to the supernatural thriller and box office success "White Noise" that was shot in Vancouver in 2004. "White Noise 2: The Light" is a feature film scheduled to shoot in the Greater Vancouver area in early 2006. Patrick Lussier is directing on a script written by Matt Venne. The picture has not yet been cast. Rogue Pictures has acquired U.S. distribution rights with Mandate Pictures handling foreign distribution.

In "White Noise 2: The Light," the story follows a man who is brought back to life after his family is murdered. After his own personal near death experience, he undergoes a transformation that allows him to see people who are on the verge of death. Trying to save their lives, he realizes that a price has to be paid for trying to change the natural order of things."

For those who may not spend hours in the direct-to-video horror section of your local Blockbuster, Patrick Lussier is the director of films like "The Prophecy 3: The Ascent," "Dracula 2: Ascension," "Dracula 3: Legacy," and "Dracula 2000," which actually did get a theatrical release, but kinda stunk anyway. Mr. Lussier might be a better editor than he is a director; he cut flicks like "Scream 3," "Cursed," and "Red Eye," all of which, coincidentally enough, were directed by Wes Craven.



Brandon Rowells

What the hell? Who even went to see the first one?

Dec 22 - 04:35 AM


Eric Schulze

I did, but not by choice. My girlfriend dragged me to the theater and insisted we see it. We did and it was a horrible picture. Luckily, i wont have to sit through the next one.

Dec 22 - 09:31 AM


Clark Metheny

tsk tsk tsk...when will they ever learn??(sigh)

Dec 22 - 10:20 AM


laurent de alberti

The plot sounds more like Final destination than the first White noise, a price to pay for cheating death

Dec 22 - 11:37 AM


First Last

i saw the first one (i was decieved by the trailer, which was one of the creepiest trailers in my opinion) and the first half was just OK, and the second half got rediculous. this is definately an unneeded sequel. it's supposed to be straight to video though, so just ignore it when you pass by it in the aisles. or the theater, if this steaming pile finds it's way there.

Dec 22 - 04:53 PM


Mike Masselli

I was also decived by the trailer the same with Emily Rose but I like Emily Rose

Dec 27 - 04:23 AM


Danny Sybrenson

[b]Dear God.[/b]
I said it once, I'll say it again. This is a good thing. How so?

Gives them a chance to redeem themselves. To make this good. To prove everyone wrong and be a first in a long while to be good, whilst still holding the Pg--13 rating. If not, they're pretty much screwed. But if they make it good.. Wow. It's been a while. So, good or bad could come out of this. Stop ranting for now, you bloody fools, WN2: The Light has not even been CAST for God's sake. Go rant about Dick and Jane, will you?

Dec 22 - 06:19 PM


First Last

lol well we aren't exactly ranting about the cast. a movie could have a brilliant cast, but that won't save a bad movie. but you are right, it has a chance to redeem itself, but i will be waiting and actually listening to the reviews this time..

Dec 22 - 07:20 PM


Renny Abraham

White noise was a box office success? You've got to be kidding me...It was good to see Michael Keaton in a movie again but...man, it was a ridiculous movie!

Dec 22 - 09:25 PM


First Last

the first White Noise was terrible. I do like Lussier sometimes though.... Dracula 3 and Prophecy 3 were both above average DTV fare.

Dec 23 - 12:41 AM


Nancy Elizabeth

I actually enjoyed the first White Noise movie. Why? Er... I'm not sure to be honest. Maybe I was just happy to see Keaton on screen again. At the same time, we don't need a sequel! What is wrong with people? Just because one movie is moderatly sucessful doesn't mean that they NEED to make a sequel if I sequel isn't needed.

Dec 24 - 10:41 AM


Mike Masselli

I was also decived by the trailer the same with Emily Rose but I like Emily Rose

Dec 27 - 04:23 AM


Austin Regimbal

White Noise was easily the worst film of the year. The fact that Michael Keaton went from Batman to "guy who can kind of sort of hear his dead wife in blasting audio" in only 16 years is more than enough of a reason to cry

Dec 29 - 01:50 AM

Steve Perry

henry mcnulty

I thought White Noise sucked. It was not scary and michael keaton sucked. I hated this movie. I lost $7 bucks to see it. this sequel is probably going to have no-name actors. hhmmm.................This plot sound like something called final destination or maybe......Unbreakable.....or even the butterfly effect

Dec 29 - 07:19 PM


Adam S.

Just another waste of celluloid. "White Noise" was not even close to mediocrity, so how can we expect this to do better? Even the plot sounds ridiculous in this particular treatment.

Jan 1 - 01:19 PM


Jaja Jaja

Wow that's just a load of horse shit

Nov 16 - 10:58 AM

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