Get Ready for Lucky "Thirteen"

You can't say you'd be shocked if I said "Hey, they're making another one. Yep, it's called "Ocean's Thirteen." So here's me (and Variety) telling you: They're making an "Ocean's Thirteen."

Jerry Weintraub has brought former Warner Bros. exec Rob Guralnick back to the lot as his producing partner and president of WB-based Jerry Weintraub Prods.

Move comes as Weintraub gets a script by Brian Koppelman and David Levien for "Ocean's Thirteen."

Weintraub is in the early stages of plotting a third chapter of the "Ocean's Eleven" franchise with director Steven Soderbergh and his Section Eight partner George Clooney. Aim is to put the pic in production later this year.
The writing team of Koppelman & Levien are new to the "Ocean" series, but you're probably familiar with their stuff. They wrote "Rounders," "Knockaround Guys," "Runaway Jury," and "Walking Tall."

No word yet on how many of the old Oceaneers will be returning, but I'd bet money that most of 'em (Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, etc.) will be there with their old pal George.



Ricky Q

i don't know how much more you can do with this movie...i loved the first two but i can understand why some people didn't like the second, and now a third? it's gotta have an amazing script if its going to work although i would probably see it anyway if the entire cast came back, its just fun watching them interact like they're all old friends.

Jan 4 - 09:58 AM


Ken Schrock

The first one was pretty good, but the 2nd one was one of my 10 worst films of 2004. I really could do without another one.

Jan 4 - 11:52 AM


Kanu Avasthy

oh man this is gonna be cool! Im a huge fan of the first two Oceans EVEN though i can understand why some (read: Majority) of the people didnt like the second tell the story the other way around has to be done right. Im guessing in the third one, Matt Damon's character's family will be playing a bit of a larger role...i think John Turtorro should join the cast in some way, i can just imagine it...can you tell that i tried writing my own Ocean's 13 script? lol

Jan 4 - 02:32 PM


Paul Andersen

I hope Angelina Jolie comes in as the "13" much like Zeta-Jones did to be the "12." Not so much because it would make a great movie, but I think it would help drive Jennifer Aniston insane even quicker.

Jan 4 - 03:00 PM


Dre Cosby

[b]Stinker Alert![/b]
Look, I loved 11. And sure 12 wasn't as good as 11, but it was still ok. But giving this script to the guys that wrote "Runaway Jury" and "Walking Tall"? Its going to suck. Sorry.

Jan 4 - 04:52 PM


Lupe DeLeon

they should have just gone backwards. Kill someone off every one. So that last one would have been 10, then 9, and so on.

Jan 4 - 05:10 PM


Nancy Elizabeth

Oh geeze why? Don't get me wrong, Eleven was great but Twelve was horrible, except for a few amusing moments. This is a movie I just won't be seeing.

Jan 4 - 06:19 PM


Renny Abraham

Hey, its a new money-making franchise. Put all the big stars in one movie. Make up some silly script. No one will really care coz people are getting to see their fav celebs all in one movie. I hope they get Ben Affleck and Jay-Lo in this one.

Jan 4 - 09:57 PM


The Vines L

Oh the joy. I guess Bloodrayne will hold me over on greatness until i see this next amazing Hollywood Blockbuster.

Jan 6 - 08:04 PM


Ron Reynolds

i'm skeptical. 11 was the shit. 12 wasn't as good, but to it's credit it was better the second time i watched it. to do 13 right, they better have a hell of a script and not fuck it up. here's hoping (cautiously)

Jan 7 - 12:07 AM


Con Man

what the hell could they possible do in this one?

theres no way to stretch out the story of stealing the money from the casino owner...

unless it goes like "oh no, the guy who said he'd pay for yall died. now its a gazillion dollars you owe me"

Jan 7 - 04:38 PM

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