Hulk Sequel Clarification ... Kinda

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Yesterday we shared with you a news piece from the IMDb's "WENN news" that said two things: That David Duchovny was likely to star in a "Hulk" sequel, and that said sequel would be going direct-to-video. But then Marvel Master Avi Arad called AICN to set the record straight. (All of which explains why 85% of the RT news pieces come solely from Variety & The Hollywood Reporter.)

"So - what is happening with HULK? Well, MARVEL is going to make the second one themselves with Universal distributing it... so this will be a Marvel production outside of the Paramount distribution deal that they set up last year. Right now, Avi is talking to various directors and writers and he intends to make a direct sequel... not a reboot. He feels that the HULK was a bit too big, so the big green behemoth will be not so Joseph Young of Africa. He's very excited, as always, about the Emerald Ass-Kicker, and at this point there is NO recasting in place or planned."


Now, I didn't hear anything in there about the sequel NOT going direct-to-video. "Universal will distribute it" could mean either, I suppose.

Anyway, bottom line: There will be a "Hulk 2" someday.