Critical Consensus: "Running" Gets a "Cooler" Reception From Critics

A low-level hood searches desperately for a hot gun ("Running Scared"). A cute pooch battles the forces of evil ("Doogal"). The irrepressible Madea holds a family reunion ("Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion"). It can only mean one thing -- this week's wide releases!

Paul Walker has spent 2006 getting out of tight spots. In "Eight Below," he and a pack of sled dogs had to escape the cold of Antarctica, and now in "Running Scared," he has to find a lost firearm used in a hit or face the consequences from his Mafioso bosses and the cops. It's a pretty cool setup; heck, it made for a tense, involving picture when Kurosawa tried it in "Stray Dog." But critics say director Wayne Kramer, who debuted with the kinetic "The Cooler," is on shakier ground with this one; they say it's got a weak twist and far too brutal violence. "Running Scared" currently stands at 37 percent on the Tomatometer.

Speaking of running scared, apparently the people responsible for both "Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion" and "Doogal" are terrified that critics will poison the coveted opening weekend box office with bad reviews. These two films weren't screened for critics, joining an infamous list that includes last week's "Date Movie." So without further ado, Critical Consensus would like to give mad props to Roadhg67, who correctly guessed that "Date Movie" would have a Tomatometer of 10 percent. Roadhg67, you are a genius. Let's see if the rest of you are as smart as Mr. or Ms. Hg67: Guess the Tomatometer for "Madea" and "Doogal."

Recent Paul Walker Movies:
71% -- Eight Below (2006)
20% -- Into the Blue (2005)
25% -- Noel (2004)
37% -- 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
12% -- Timeline (2003)



Ram Mohan

i say "Madea" will have 55% and Doogal will have 63% (just wild guesses) :)

Feb 24 - 03:58 AM


mynameis mynameis

"Madea" 39%

"Doogal" 22%

Feb 24 - 07:19 AM


Sean Ludwig

Anyone notice that Date Movie is currently sitting at a 9%?! So, Mr. or Ms. Roadhg67 did not correctly guess the score...

Final scores:

Madea: 31%

Doogal: 25%

Feb 24 - 08:36 AM


Ken Schrock

I still really want to see Running Scared. I think Madea's will finish with a 17% and Doogal with a 11%.

Feb 24 - 02:05 PM


Frank Cogan

I wonder what's on TV?

Feb 24 - 02:40 PM

Reel 2/Dialogue 2

Jar Jar Binks

Madea: 23%

Doogal: 45% (becomes the first movie ever, unscreened by critics, to become a hit)

Roadhg67: Male (though pretends he's a girl here)

Feb 25 - 01:07 AM


Frank James

Madea 17%

Doogal 41%

Date Movie takes in $21.8 mil? Must be middle schools are closed to remove lead paint!

Feb 25 - 05:51 AM


Mike Erali

My desire to see Doogal fell flat once I learned it was another movie revoiced by others. I mean, how else does Chevy Chase get work.

Feb 25 - 11:07 AM


Kevin Levan

I was a little keen on seeing 'Running Scared' since I really loved 'The Cooler' but reviews have been a bit hostile. I guess it's a wait for DVD.

Feb 26 - 01:39 AM


Erik Larson

How Paul Walker gets parts in as many movies as he does will always baffle me!

Feb 26 - 12:45 PM

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