Simpsons Flick Underway?

Tons of different sources have jumped on this story, but we got ours from Dark Horizons, which, by the way, is an excellent movie geek news source, if you happen to need a 5-minute break from Rotten Tomatoes once in a while. The short version of the story is this: Voice actor Harry Shearer says that voice recording on The Simpsons Movie has already begun!

""Harry Shearer appeared on the Mancow radio show this morning and mentioned not only the two year contract extension but that he was recording dialogue for the "Simpsons" movie right now. The film pushes the boundaries but isn't going to be an R rated movie. Asked if there was swearing, he said a little more than normal but not the characters he voices like Rev. Lovejoy and Ned Flanders...""


This doesn't mean a whole lot just yet. The actors could record their dialogue 2 or 3 years before a movie's ready for release -- but it's still cool to know the project is moving forward.



Greg Mizell

[QUOTE=Scott Weinburg]but it's still cool to know the project is moving forward."[/QUOTE]


Mar 23 - 03:25 AM

Scott Weinberg

Scott Weinberg

Berg, baby, BERG! It's on 84% of the news reports! ;)

Mar 23 - 04:56 AM


Samuel Ewing

Yes no live action!!!! The rumor this was going to be a live action movie really had me worried

Mar 23 - 07:09 AM


Chris Embury

[b]its about time[/b]
I remeber hearing rumors of a "Simpsons" movie just about 10 years ago.

Mar 23 - 09:10 AM


philip napier

Im glad there making a movie,instead of just throwing some crap story togather just so everyone can hear homer say fuck.

Mar 23 - 02:13 PM


Robert Kimberlin

Give me a "King of the Hill" flick with live actors. They can even use the original voice actors.

Mar 23 - 03:02 PM


Marshallmaddnes keith

This Would Have Been Good News Like 10 Yrs Ago, When The Simpsons Were Actually Funny And The Writing Was Great
Now...The Simpsons Suck
Give Me A Futurama Movie Instead

Mar 23 - 07:03 PM


Jon Gerblick

I agree with the sentiment that The Simpsons hasn't been funny in about ten years. This debate will forever rage on, but as someone who was known for years as "The Simpsons Guy", collected all the memoribilia, entered and won trivia contests, and read the book "Simpsons and Philosophy", I can say without a doubt that every episode from season ten on has been progressively more embarassing. The show is nothing but a vehicle for celebrity guests, and not even their self-effacing admissions of mediocrity can justify its continued existence. It thrives on nothing more than a prideful display of longevity and the fact that some people still watch out of loyalty.

Short version: This movie will be terrible.

Mar 23 - 08:05 PM


Ken Schrock

I definitely still like the Simpsons and am very happy to hear that they are starting on the voice work for the film.

Mar 24 - 02:08 PM


Paul Barrett

I agree with Keira. True, they did go through a slump for a bit, but have recently been picking things back up and getting funny again. So hopefully they'll have a good script for the movie.

Mar 25 - 07:05 PM

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