Hollywood Baby Watch: Gwyneth Delivers Baby Moses

It's time again for a roundup of Hollywood goings-on, and what better subject is there than the reproductive patterns of A-listers?

We'll start off with the trifecta of Tinseltown degrees-of-dating: Gwyneth, Brad & Angelina, and Jen. If you reach but a short ten years into the past, you'll remember Brad's brief engagement to Gwyneth, then Brad's marriage to Jen, Gwyneth's becoming Mrs. Coldplay, Brad and Jen's break up, Brad and Angelina (and the resulting Brangelina), and now, Jen and Vince.

And though Gwyneth already set the pace by having baby Apple with Chris Martin two years ago, the others are starting to catch up.

Sure, Angelina adopted baby Maddox back in 2003 with then-husband Billy Bob Thornton, and then added daughter Zahara to her single-parent family last year. But then came the big news; Angelina and barely confirmed bf Brad were pregnant, and are now expecting a baby any day. We think they're holed up somewhere in Namibia. Thank you, People Magazine.

But once again stealing everyone's thunder, Gwyneth beat her ex to the punch again this week, delivering her and Martin's second baby. Undeterred by the hubbub she unleashed when she named her daughter after a piece of fruit (clean, Biblical fruit, she's explained), Gwyneth gave her new son a much less exotic name: Moses.

As if for lack of controversy, a pregnant Gwyneth was spotted sipping a Guinness last month, eschewing all those "scientific" studies warning women that alcohol is, in fact, not good for a growing fetus (though some attest to its health benefits -- thank you, US Weekly).

On to Jen and Vince. The couple notoriously kept it under wraps while shooting their upcoming rom-com, "The Break Up," and though the tabs doubted their togetherness at first, the two have made it official, by moving in together. They've been spotted househunting in Chicago -- could a baby be next on the agenda? Thanks again for the scoop, US Weekly -- we'd be lost without ya.

In more baby news, Scientology's poster couple du jour, Tom and Katie, are expecting their first child "any minute" now -- merci, People -- in the culmination of a year's worth of bizarre media moments since the two went public. Who thought Tom could ever top his couch-jumping, his anti-psychology rant, or even his public feud with Brooke Shields? Well, we knew he had it in him; thanks to Tom and good old L.Ron Hubbard, we can add the phrases "silent birth," "adult pacifier" and "Super Adventure Club" to the modern lexicon.

Another baby announcement just made today: Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, now engaged, are expecting their first child -- and with those genes, he/she will be the future messiah of indie cinema. All hail baby Gyllengaard!



The Vines L


Apr 11 - 01:39 PM


Rotten Tomatoes News Submission


Apr 11 - 01:43 PM


Rotten Tomatoes News Submission


Apr 11 - 01:43 PM


Robert Kimberlin

Oh My God???

Apr 11 - 04:12 PM


Aaron Senters

i thought the Gyllengaard joke was funny. But other than that, who cares?

Apr 11 - 05:30 PM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

It's so awesome that a human life can be reduced to a p.r. gimmick.

Apr 11 - 08:14 PM


Aaron Wilkins

[b]What wonderful timing with Easter and all...[/b]
Now when ABC plays the Ten Commandments for what seems 50 years running, people will be reminded of these idiots naming their kid Moses...not exactly what the movie intended.

Moses Malone is cool because it, at least, goes well with the last name.

Apr 11 - 10:22 PM


Renny Abraham

Apple?....who the hell name's their kid 'Apple'?? I feel sorry for Hollywood kids...they got the worst names in the world. Tells you alot of about Hollywood parents when they name their kids after fruits and vegetables. Hey, Gwyneth, here's a suggestion - name your next kid - Zucchini. Its sound Italian and the ladies will love him.

Apr 11 - 10:48 PM


jeremy d

I never understood why people hated the name Apple so much... No one ever had a problem with Princess Peach or Darryl Strawberry. It's no different to naming someone after a city either.. i.e. Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom. Furthermore, Apple sounds kinda cute and sweet - would much rather it than Gwyneth, Murtle, Gretchen, Gertrude, Irene, Janelle, Oprah...

All names had to come from somewhere originally anyways... Elvis probably sounded weird at first but now you just can't think of him being named anything else.

Apr 12 - 03:00 AM


Kevin Levan

This is true comedy. Apple & Moses. You just can't write this stuff.

Apr 12 - 08:14 PM


Jonathan Barnhart

that isn't really that bad of a name, but she should keep an eye on Moses so he doesn't eat Apple

Apr 12 - 08:35 PM

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