Brand New Composer to Score Potter 5

by Scott Weinberg | Thursday, Apr. 20 2006

Freakishly thorough Harry Potter wesbite HPANA brings us one little tidbit regarding "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," and it's that a new composer has been brought into the fold. Frequent collaborater of director David Yates, Nicholas Hooper will step into the head musician's role for Potter Part 5.

Says HPANA: "HPANA has learned from a reliable and authoritative source that UK composer Nicholas Hooper will score the soundtrack for 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.' Hooper is a long-time collaborator of director David Yates and most of his credits are for television projects in Britain. He won a BAFTA for Best Original Score in 2004 for one such project, according to a biography on his agents' web site."


The first three Potter pics were scored by John Williams, and the fourth one was scored by Patrick Doyle, although Williams' main theme did, of course, make its presence felt.