Star Trek is Back with Abrams at the Helm

Wow, now here's some news we didn't see coming. J.J. Abrams, the creator of "Alias" and "Lost," as well as the director of "Mission Impossible 3," will be resurrecting the "Star Trek" franchise for Paramount Pictures. And he's bringing his "MI3" writers with him.

According to Variety, "Paramount is breathing life into its "Star Trek" franchise by setting "Mission: Impossible III" helmer J.J. Abrams to produce and direct the 11th "Trek" feature, aiming for a 2008 release.

2002's "Star Trek: Nemesis"

Project, to be penned by Abrams and "MI3" scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, will center on the early days of seminal "Trek" characters James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock, including their first meeting at Starfleet Academy and first outer space mission."


All I wanna know is if there'll be borgs, klingons, and tribbles.



Brandon M

[b]Not a fan.[/b]
I'm not a Star Trek fan, but I'm interested to hear what you Trekkies think about this.

Apr 21 - 12:55 AM


Cap Nord

[b]To Boldy Go Where No Star Trek Has Ever Gone Before:[/b]
I was never one for any of the television series, or of any other television series for that matter because after a couple of months they usually become predictable and repetitive. I became a Star Trek Movie fan after I saw The Wrath of Khan and have enjoyed almost all of the Trek movies (exception being the first one). And yes, I even enjoyed Nemesis. It's going to be interesting to see who portrays Kirk and Spock for no doubt the actors will have to be young and unknown. I think if Paramount gives Abrams total control over this revival, Star Trek will boldly go where it has never gone before; 'coolness'.

Apr 21 - 04:27 AM



[b]From the HOLY SH!T Department [/b]
Are ya kidding. I read an exaustive script rundown over at AICN and now that JJ is attached to it, I need to change my shorts. This could be what the franchise has been needing for YEARS!!!! to be ressuracted

Apr 21 - 06:56 AM


Roland Eimer

Wow, this is truely unexpected. I don't know what to think of it right now. The Starfleet Academy concept sounds pretty bad, but the fact that J.J. (plus most of this Alias/Lost writing team) is wiilling to do it tells me that there is more to the story than what we know. So I won't complain about the plot just yet. This team really know how to make a story work - just watch the Alias or Lost pilots - therefore the team is probably the best they could possibly get.

P.S.: Thank god Berman is gone - finally!

Apr 21 - 07:13 AM


Merlin Ambrosius

[b]Good news[/b]
Short of someone like Spielberg taking this project, this is the best news Trekkies have heard in a long, long time. Star Trek was always a good idea, just never really found someone who could make it believable for the masses. IT was always just "that TV show that somehow transferred to the silver screen." Maybe this will change that.

Apr 21 - 07:38 AM


Jeremy Appleyard

Berman gone? Good. JJ Abrams interested? Good.

Kirk and Spock meeting in highschool and trying to ask the cute alien girl to the dance? Bad.

I used to love Trek, but it is officially dead to me now. After watching Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, the Trek episodes are just painful to watch.

Apr 21 - 08:20 AM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

It will bee too cheezy having actors ape Kirk and Spock.

Apr 21 - 08:41 AM


Khim Lo

We had yet to see JJ's caliber at helming a big screen project. And the pilot episodes were a bore at the very least. Lost only got moving when they started to slowly reveal the mystery of the island, not the first 2 episodes. He certainly didn't direct or write the entire series. U know, i got the feeling that the Trek movie would be similiar to the fps star trek pc game, which had u starting out as a cadet.. Jj certainly got big expectations to live up to. I hate to say it but the trailers for MI3 certainly looks as if they are for some tv series---cheap!

Apr 21 - 09:12 AM


DJ Hnd

its not a star trek movie without picard damnit!

Apr 21 - 11:35 AM


Cory Forson

Yeah i was also hoping to see more of a continuation of Picard and crew, the original series never interested me much, though the wrath of kahn was a pretty bitchin movie. It will be interesting to say the least I suppose..Kinda odd they tied their nuts in a knot, they cant really have the enterprise in there without mentioning whats his name from that self titled series i never watched.

Apr 21 - 12:23 PM


First Last

I'm kinda worried about having young actors play the parts and the studios trying to get the youth market. But I will keep my hopes up anyways. Wing Commander is an example of a movie that ended up being a lot worse than it should have been because they decided to go with young actors.

Apr 21 - 01:49 PM



What a horrible concept... Keep the names that made you famous. Give the people what they want to see... Borg, Picard, Kirk, and it would be nice to get Spock on screen again. Otherwise, people are not going to see your
"Star Trek: The OC" idea. Come on guys WTF is wrong with you...

Apr 21 - 02:47 PM


Zach Vest

[b]Should I change my username ??[/b]
I want to get optimistic and excited, but I truly believe the franchise is dead. I will just have to stick to watching and enjoying reruns of TOS, TNG, and DS9. I really thought DS9 was an underrated part of the Star Trek universe, but it would never reach a 10-figure number if a movie was made about it.

Well here's hoping I'm wrong and Abrams resurrects this gem of a franchise and brings new fans back in.

Apr 21 - 04:37 PM


David Frank

I would rather see the TNG cast back for one last ride...not too excited about Star Trek "begins", yawn

Apr 21 - 04:45 PM


David Frank

[b]Whats going on RT[/b]
By the way this is the 3rd story from RT about Star Trek in just the last few months. First it was kirk and picard in a movie, then just this past week it was news that there would be no Star Trek and now this...What's the real story. Is this official or rumor?

Apr 21 - 04:48 PM


First Last

This sounds like a cool premise, I think they should have given the money to Joss Whedon so he could make a sequel (or two) to that underrated film SERENITY!!

Apr 21 - 04:54 PM

Reel 2/Dialogue 2

Jar Jar Binks

JJ Abrams >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Whedon

I'd just be happy to get a Trek score from Mike Giacchino.

Wait... does this mean the return of the neon-colored pajama suits? :thumbup:

Apr 22 - 01:24 AM


jerry ku

I hope Giacchino gets to do the score, too. That'd be sweet.

Still, JJ Abrams doin a Trek film...? I dunno. To me Star Trek is supposed to be about that humanist ideology stuff that Roddenbery was into. But the movies are all about explosions and crap. I'm sure JJ Abrams can do explosions and crap, but it'd be a bummer if this forever changed Trek to a "explosions and crap" mentality for the next decade or two.

Apr 22 - 06:13 AM

Quite-Gone Genie

Alexander Willoughby

[b]Bad idea.[/b]
The TV show Enterprise already ruined the franchise. No more prequels, please.

Apr 21 - 05:29 PM


David Frank

[b]its official[/b]
I am bummed. I checked star and it is official. I hate the idea of a prequel...they are determined to kill Star Trek with this idea. The trekkies are already starting a write in campaign voicing their disgust with this idea

Apr 21 - 05:32 PM


Tim K

I'm not really a Star Trek fan, but I've enjoyed the movies I've seen - even Nemesis was good fun, at least. First Contact was just plain fun.

Apr 21 - 07:21 PM


Rob McNugget

[b]Starring Ben Afleck as Kirk, and Samual L Jackson[/b]
Well, the original cast are a little old, so who is going to play the main characters?

How.. can you cast... anyone... but me! - William Shatner.


Apr 21 - 07:41 PM

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