"We will actually see Cybertron"

AICN's Quint had a very private one-on-one pow-wow with uber-director Michael Bay, and the topic of conversation was extremely Transformer-centric. Click here to read all about the flick's pre-production designs, a handful of action scene animatics, and Michael Bay's gigantic dog. (Sounds like a great dane to me.)

A few choice snippets: "What hooked (Bay) was Shia LaBeouf's character, a teen that is getting his first car. He said that rite of passage for a teenage boy, that of getting your first car, is something he connected with and gave him a human angle to get involved emotionally with the story ... Of course, Shia's character ends up with a banana yellow '70s looking car with lots of wear... and of course, that car is a Transformer.

Director Michael Bay preps a scene from "The Island"

Bay later revealed that although this is the beginning of the movie, it isn't the first thing we see. Bay's words were, "We will actually see Cybertron," which is the planet where the Autobots hail from."

Also worthy of note is that IGN's scoopage on the cast names (Jon Voight, Bernie Mac, Michael Clarke Duncan, etc.) seems to be right on the money. Check AICN for a whole lot more.



Dennis Dunbar


Apr 26 - 01:07 AM


jeremy d

he was my first ever toy figurine when i was little! **getting all emotional**

Apr 26 - 02:15 AM


elzeard bouffier

bumble bee was my first TF too.
soon after, some kid stole him and i wanted to kick the sh-- out of him.

Apr 26 - 08:17 AM


Jeremiah Valdez

man, I remember crying when i saw optimus prime die!!! Of course I was only a wee lad of five or six.

Apr 26 - 06:12 AM


Merlin Ambrosius

Optimus Prime died? Didn't know that....a small part of my childhood just died....

Apr 26 - 07:18 AM


Andrew O'Neill

MY childhood died when I found out Michael Bay was directing this movie.

I guess he's been getting a little better with each try. Still, this is the fricking Transformers. He better put more into it than he did "The Island".

Apr 26 - 07:36 AM

Vitamin M

Matthew Haynes

don't worry optimus prime was eventually brought back to life...and then made evil and then died again...never mind that wasn't helpful...

Apr 26 - 08:16 AM


elzeard bouffier

bumble bee was my first TF too.
soon after, some kid stole him and i wanted to kick the sh-- out of him.

Apr 26 - 08:17 AM


Nogard64 64


I'm as giddy as a lil school girl! This news just made my day! We need to all do the happy dance now!

And yes its official, I'm in love with Micheal Bay now! Oh yeah I want to have his baby and everything, doesn't matter that I'm not capable of doing so.

So I'll be seeing you all at the premiere in '07, I'll be the dude in a tank top sporting a decepticon emblem tatoo on my arm HA!


Apr 26 - 08:59 AM


Dan Mills

[b]my GOD people[/b]
Michael Bay is involved...your childhood fantasies will be dashed to bits. I used to collect Transformers too - we are DOOMED.

This movie will suck.

Apr 26 - 09:09 AM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

I'll hold out for the Go-Bots movie.

Apr 26 - 09:36 AM


Khim Lo

a young teen as a hero? well chances are this is going to turn out to be a huge pile of over-commercialized piece of crap.

Apr 26 - 12:09 PM


Merlin Ambrosius

Apparently Spielberg is helping Bay out on this one? Well, I guess that's good news. If it were up to me, there'd be about four people directing movies in Hollywood, and Bay wouldn't be one of them. I've seen better movies on British Television.

Apr 26 - 12:10 PM


Aaron Senters

there is not possible way that this movie could be any good with a piece of garbage liek Bay directing. The dialogue will be terrible, as will the plot, and the action will be so over the top that it will make us uncomfortable.

Prepare for disaster.

Apr 26 - 03:28 PM


Kevin Levan

I was young when Transformers came out. I wasn't a fan but I loved the theme song and caught the occasional episode (I was more a funny cartoon kind of guy and still am). However, when I found out Michael Bay signed on to direct, even I, a non-fan cried. Transformers is a part of my youth and even though I didn't become involved with the phenomenon I still don't want to see the movie ruined. Spielberg should have personally directed this one. Or at least given it to a competent action director like John Woo or Jonathan Mostow.

Apr 26 - 03:53 PM


Dennis Dunbar

Bay is actually playing with his strengths on this film. Why u ask? Because Transformers are robots that turn into vehiles. Key word VEHICLES......nobody does action scenes with vehilcles better than Michael Bay. I can only imagine what the chase scences are gonna be like. So stop hating people! ASSHOLES!

Apr 26 - 04:20 PM


jeremy d

I agree. Michael Bay is perfectly suited to make this movie. I doubt people will lining up to see it for the witty dialogue - so I wish people would stop complaining about that.. but hopefully he'll get help in that area (Spielberg). At least with this Michael Bay film there's a lot of history and source material behind the story making it harder for him to f**k up, that is, provided he sticks to the Transformers story and ideas we're familiar with.

The Island was not a bad movie.
Bad Boys was not a bad movie.
The Rock was a good movie.

Give him a chance.

Apr 26 - 11:00 PM


Sean Collen

bad dialogue does not come from the director but the script...michael bays movies are generally solid movies...oh and john woo is a credible action director when he made the very stylized and crappy mission impossible 2? my god that movie was hard to watch and i liked the first one alot...i think bay will do this justice, the island and armageddon were good movies...

Apr 28 - 05:12 PM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

die, bay, die!!!!

Apr 29 - 07:24 PM


Joey chidiiac

michael bay makes good movies leave him alone i used to love transformers and i'm sure that this movie will be awesome

May 1 - 04:12 PM

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