Sutherland Divulges Secrets on "24: The Movie"

DarkHorizons brings us a report from UK magazine The Sun, and it includes a quote from Kiefer Sutherland regarding when and where the "24" movie will be shooting.

From DH: "Sutherland says "The shoot will take place in London and Prague. Then we will use Morocco as a location - probably as an aspect of the Middle East. We'll do the filming a year from now."

Sutherland in "The Sentinel"

...which means they'll be shooting the series in between TV seasons. That's a lotta "24."



Dave Gendron

The more the better. I've said several times in the past year that 24 is the best movie I've seen all year despite the fact it's not a movie at all. Well now it will be and I hope it's as good as the show.


May 8 - 09:31 AM


Cap Nord

[b]"24" or "2' or "3"[/b]
I really like 24, but how long can they milk it? I remember just before the first season began, Keifer Sutherland said he was signing on for only 'one' season because of its unique storyline and that no matter how great a second season might be, it would be repeating itself. How can they make a '24' movie unless they call the movie '2' or '3' to reflect the length of the movie? Why not scrap the 24 concept and simply make a series of Jack Bauer movies. Wouldn't that make more sense?

May 8 - 10:35 AM


First Last

the movie will most likely take place over a 24 hour period, with a few sequences in the movie in real time, but not the whole thing.
each our of the movie: 12 hours of the day.
so 2 hours: 24 hours

to me this would make the most sense. hope its a great movie! i love the show

May 8 - 11:34 AM


Clay Baker

[b]Since it can't be 24 hours[/b]
They should probely just call it 2.

May 9 - 12:32 PM


CrazyGhost78 CrazyGhost78

[b]I swear to god...[/b]
If I hear the "They should just call it 2!" joke once more time, I'm going to cut someone's eye out.

I've been a huge 24 fan since episode 1, but IMO, the writing has gotten stupid as of late. If they can't shape up for season 6+, I say don't even bother with a movie.

May 9 - 02:30 PM


Will Graham

24 is a formulaic peice of donkey fecies. The fact that they are making a movie makes me want to rip Jack whats his @ss face off. But i would totally go see the movie!

May 9 - 03:43 PM


Jeff Nix

[b]More 24[/b]
The more Jack Bauer the better! If they keeping milking American Idle then I say give us more Bauer!! Besides, Kiefer has signed on for 3 more yrs.!! I LOVE it!!

May 19 - 05:39 PM

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