Bettany Not Too Likely to Play The Joker

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To those of you who've chosen Paul Bettany (aka Mr. Jennifer Connelly) as the front-runner to play The Joker in "Batman Begins 2," well, you may be out of luck -- mainly because the guy's never even been approached regarding the role.

From IGN FilmForce: ""In truth I haven't heard anything officially. It's a rumour entirely made up by journalists. Or maybe it's a conspiracy by journalists to ruin my negotiation," Bettany said.

He added, "So if they did offer it to me, I'd already have told the press I'd love to do it, so the producers would say, 'Wonderful. Now will you do it for $5 please?'"

One of the bat-sites out there states that Bettany isn't really in the running to play The Joker because, between "Firewall" and "The Da Vinci Code," the guy's been knee-deep in villain roles these days.