Lost: The Videogame

A recent press release from videogame giant Ubisoft ("Prince of Persia," "Splinter Cell") indicates that all you "Lost" fans will soon have a new console/PC game to pick through ... and I bet it'll be a rrrrreally difficult game that doesn't give you enough clues.

"Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game publishers, announced a long-term worldwide licensing agreement with Touchstone Television to develop and publish a video game based on the Emmy Award-winning television series "Lost." Developed by Ubisoft's award-winning Montreal studio and scheduled to hit retail shelves worldwide in 2007, the game will be offered for home and portable consoles as well as PCs.

"We are delighted to work with Bryan Burk, one of the biggest producers in Hollywood and with Touchstone Television," said Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer of Ubisoft. "That they have chosen us for the adaptation of the cult series 'Lost' is the best homage that a producer can make to the creativity of Ubisoft."

"This deal is another example of how truly powerful the 'Lost' brand is," said Bruce Gersh, senior vice president, business development, ABC Entertainment and Touchstone Television. "We are excited to work together with Ubisoft to create a gaming experience that will allow fans to further immerse themselves into the mysteries and intrigues of the series."

"The creative appeal of 'Lost' transcends borders with its character driven stories and addictive mysterious mythology," said Julia Franz, executive vice president, Touchstone Television. "It's not enough for fans worldwide to just watch 'Lost,' the game is a wonderful opportunity to organically extend this creative phenomenon into an interactive consumer experience."

"Many of us on 'Lost' have been hardcore gamers for years and the chance to work with Ubisoft, a company behind some of our favorite titles, has excited us to no end," said Lost executive producer Bryan Burk. "With the ability to tell new interactive stories within the 'Lost' universe, we're giddy to be developing a game that, once completed, will be as engaging and fun to play as it is to create."

J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof co-created "Lost" and also serve as executive producers, along with Bryan Burk, Jack Bender and Carlton Cuse. Lost, which is filmed entirely on location in Hawaii, is from Touchstone Television."



Omar Gonzalez

Well I guess it can't be any worse than the alleged "Desperate Housewives" videogame that is also supposed to release.

May 23 - 01:23 AM


Alsan Ali

I'll bet it'll have an interesting plot...

But gameplay-wise it'll suck. I mean, what would you do? Chose a character and go around beating up the others?

May 23 - 04:59 AM


Maniac Magee

you basically walk around, let people start telling you interesting things, and then NEVER ASK follow up questions. For bonus points, you have to make reference to your "baby", "boy" or "son," most effectively if yelled consistently like, "I want my [fill-in-the blank] back!"

May 23 - 05:30 AM


jonathan foster

Here is the formula
Unknown Lost-ie + their back story + encountering others/monster/secret on the island = Lost Video game

May 23 - 10:06 AM


First Last

yeah, i could see an open-ended kinda game where you can do whatever you want. you can either advance the game plot, or simply sit on the beach, catch food, talk to everyone, whatever.
would be cool if you could design your own character for the game.

May 23 - 11:35 AM


laurent de alberti

Well how could the game possibly end without giving away the whole serie's plot twists.

May 23 - 12:05 PM

Steve Perry

henry mcnulty


May 23 - 12:25 PM

Steve Perry

henry mcnulty


May 23 - 12:25 PM


Elliott Goldbaum

$20 says this game will be amazingly confusing.

Also, I agree with Jofo, becuase that makes perfect sense.

May 23 - 01:06 PM


dave roberts

impossible project to take on

May 23 - 03:55 PM


Denora M

ummm.........not sure if a Lost game will work.

May 23 - 04:17 PM


Rob McNugget

Games based on TV shows and movies usually suck like a toothless weasel, so it probably doesn't matter what the story it, since no one will bother playing thru another disappointing game license.

May 23 - 07:28 PM

Flim Springfield

Robb P

How about a game called "TV Tycoon", where you see how long you can hold onto an audience and make a profit before your lack of story is revealed.

"Uh oh, audience skepticism meter is rising! Time for a 'twist' episode to throw them off!"

May 23 - 10:34 PM


Nicholas Morris

Well, if they can't stop making crappy movies based on video games, then doesn't it stand to reason that they'll eventually start making crappy games out of television shows? I just can't wait for 60 Minutes: The Video Game on PS3.

May 23 - 11:00 PM

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