Sean Bean to Become the New "Hitcher"

At first I was mostly skeptical regarding this remake of "The Hitcher" that's being set up at Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes outfit. But after reading a few interviews with the original screenwriter (Jake Wade Wall, not Eric Red) and seeing the early casting news, I'm beginning to hold out some hope here. Yes, that's right: Sean Bean will be stepping into the role made infamous by Sir Rutger Hauer.

Says The Hollywood Reporter: "Sean Bean is thumbing his way to "The Hitcher," Rogue Pictures' remake of the 1986 horror film being produced by Platinum Dunes. Sophia Bush also is on board the film, which is being directed by veteran music video helmer Dave Meyers. The script follows a young couple driving across the country who become prey for a serial killer, who blames all of his murders on the young man. Eric Bernt wrote the current draft."

No word yet on who'll be playing The Hitchee, but I just hope it won't be Ashton Kutcher.

For those with short memories, Sean Bean is the omnipresent Englishman from "The Fellowship of the Ring," "Troy," "National Treasure," "The Island," "Flightplan," and "Silent Hill."


Zen Bullet


Sean Bean is great . . . but he doesn't strike me as the serial killer type.

There are two categories of performance I think one should seriously consider when casting a film:

The first is recognizing a performer who can INITIATE ACTION WELL

The second is in spotting one who can REACT WELL TO THE ACTION

Some performers can manage both of these tasks, but usually there is one category an actor is best suited for.

Bean is a classic REACTOR(and shines most when doing so) . . . hence why I question the logic of his being The Hitcher.

Sophia Bush is a classic INITIATOR . . . and the idea of her having to "react" to something terrifying is a bit laughable, I think.

Jun 1 - 07:19 AM


Cap Nord

I like the idea of casting someone in this role that doesn't look the part. After all, would you pick up a hitcher who looked like a murderer? I think that Sean Bean is a great choice; he looks like he would talk about football if you picked him up, not kill you.

Jun 1 - 08:13 AM


Bernardo Guzman

"he looks like he would talk about football if you picked him up, not kill you."

only if by football you mean futbol, or soccer- after all, the world cup is right around the corner. TRI

Jun 1 - 09:59 AM


Cap Nord

Go Brazil!

Jun 1 - 10:34 AM


Cap Nord

Go Brazil!

Jun 1 - 10:34 AM


Ken Schrock

I still don't know about this film but I do think that Bean is a great addition and will be good in this role.

Jun 1 - 11:36 AM


william ward

I'm so stoked that Sophia Bush will be in it. She didn't get to shine with her star potential in Supercross or Stay Alive. But, with the write script, this movie could be her time to show just how great of an actress she is. And, Sean Bean is awesome. So, that's 2 out of 3. Let's cross our fingers they get a great actor to play opposite Sean Bean as the good guy.

Jun 1 - 12:06 PM


Lupe DeLeon

haha! at first glance i thought it read "mr. bean to become new hitcher." that would awesome!

Jun 1 - 01:37 PM


Renny Abraham

I hate seeing Sean Bean in a bad guy role...

Jun 2 - 12:02 AM

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