Tyrese Talks "Transformers"

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Singer turned actor Tyrese Gibson is pretty happy with the way his career's headed, what with all the movie roles and CDs and women drooling over his handsomeness. He recently sat down with the Movieweb folks, and dropped a few nuggets regarding his participation in Michael Bay's "Transformers" movie.

From Movieweb: "Right now, I'm working on Transformers; Michael Bay had me in mind, him and (Steven) Spielberg discussed it and they came after me. Everybody else in the film had to audition, and they came at me about the role. I think its one of them things where I definitely felt fortunate because at this point, no one is able to say that, 'he's only doing films because he can sing.' I got over that bridge that a lot of entertainers, who make a transition, can't get passed.

"Right now, I'm working with Jon Voight and John Turturro and its just crazy; that's as real as it gets. I'm pickin' their brain; I call Jon Voight my pops now cause he's just a mentor, he's lettin' me in on everything."

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