Robin Williams Keeps Chatting About The Joker


No casting decisions have been announced just yet, so just relax. But apparently Mr. Robin Williams is lobbying pretty hard for the role of The Joker in Christopher Nolan's impending "Batman Begins" sequel. Nolan and Williams worked together on "Insomnia," so maybe he knows something we don't... Back to Article



Timothy Maddocks

Yes, Robin Williams please! Not only is he exceptionally amusing, he's a great dramatic actor also. I mean please, somebody tell me they werent scared shitless by One Hour Photo!

Jun 27 - 03:33 PM


John Locke

Robin would be a good choice, but the perfect choice would be Shaun Penn (even if I dont like him that much). Just put some makeup on him, he would look identical to the comic Joker. He could also play funny while being a phycho lunitic.

Jun 27 - 03:55 PM


tom brownbridge

[b]So the Joker suddenly has Rhesus Monkeys all over[/b]
Seriously, the hair on that guy is creepy.
I think a revamp of The Joker is in order and I like the concept of perhaps mixing his actions with Ed Gein. Joker would be fitting as a guy who simply uses hooks to cut the sides of his victims mouths and is a psycho who weilds an axe. We have to understand that Joker isn't funny, he just thinks he is. I think it's time to darken the character and explore the avenues where most wouldn't dare.

Jun 27 - 04:08 PM


frank ford

[b]Mark Hammil......hell no! lol[/b]
they are going young and williams is far from a young man.

Jun 27 - 06:17 PM


Kim Hutton

Paul Reubens would be better than Williams. Combine Pee Wee Herman with his character Derek Foreal from Blow and you got yourself one hell of a joker!

Jun 27 - 06:30 PM

I Am Remote

Robert Pilkington

As much I as I have respect for Williams, I don't think he should do it. One thing is the age. Joker isn't a "fighter" per se, but he can't be as old as RW. Secondly is that I would fear that Williams would absorb too much of the movie, and the character, with all his jesting. I don't know. I'd go with someone a bit younger. The new batman series has the clout now to land a decent young actor to do a good villain. Look what Murphy did with his minimal role as the scarecrow. Brilliant.

I've also heard that in the new script, the joker has about as much screentime as the scarecrow...
Not sure what to think of that.

Jun 27 - 07:39 PM


Will Potenberg

Either Robin Williams or Ralph Fiennes.

killbill82, do you remember that at the end of Batman Begins, Jim Gordon says that the inmates from Arkham are still lose? He then produces the Joker card from the robbery. So it doesn't matter if he is young or old

Jun 27 - 10:24 PM


Nestor Cruz

Hugo Weaving would be perfect IIMO, he has shown he can play any role

Jun 27 - 10:58 PM


Joe Chid

um yeah i would say robin williams would make a good joker but i was hoping for hugo weaving.....

Jun 27 - 11:00 PM


Kent McGowan

Please, please... anyone but Robin Williams!

Jun 28 - 12:42 AM


Cap Nord

I think if Robin Williams was cast as the Joker, he would end up playing himself instead of the Joker the same way Nicholson did. My choices for the role would be Hugo Weaving, Paul Bettany or Paul Reubens in that order.

Jun 28 - 05:09 AM


Robert Kimberlin

I still like Crispin Glover.

Jun 28 - 06:18 AM


Jeremy Morris

I don't know about Robin Williams. I think he could do it and all, but he's just not The Joker.

I agree with the aforementioned cartoon series Joker being the hands down best representation of the character (minus the murderous intent, most of his antics in the show only served as bait for Batman) But I actually want to see a wiry, awkward, freaky, psychotic killer when I look at a live Joker. I want to be afraid of him, and all due respect to the actor, Cillian Murphy just doesn't scare me. I agree with Tim Roth being a good candidate, but I just can't put a definite vote on such an immortal entity.

Jun 28 - 02:31 PM


Nogard64 64

I kinda like Adrain Brody, since its more Joker before he becomes the full blown joker, or that whole transitional period backstory, someone more subdued and subtle may do a better job.

Jun 28 - 07:24 PM


Marc Weathersby

[b]Just Don't know...[/b]
Williams would be funny. But I hope they go darker and more realistic like the last one. Even though I loved Jack Nicholson's Joker, I think a more psychotic Joker would be apt. Williams could do it, acting wise, but I always thought of the Joker as a tall, thin guy. I'd love to see Tim Roth do this.

Jun 28 - 08:20 PM


Christian Williamson

adrian brody or mark hamill

mark is an amazing actor and for those that dont know, has been the voice of the animated joker for about 15 years now on and off. hamill's joker is my favorite joker of all time.

Jun 29 - 02:24 AM


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Jun 29 - 11:54 AM


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Jun 29 - 01:09 PM


Joe Chid

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Jun 29 - 05:17 PM


Dakota Phillips

Hugo Weaving is definately my favorite out of all the names out there. Especially after seeing V for Vendetta.

Jun 29 - 07:58 PM

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