Robin Williams Keeps Chatting About The Joker


No casting decisions have been announced just yet, so just relax. But apparently Mr. Robin Williams is lobbying pretty hard for the role of The Joker in Christopher Nolan's impending "Batman Begins" sequel. Nolan and Williams worked together on "Insomnia," so maybe he knows something we don't... Back to Article



Dakota Phillips

Hugo Weaving is definately my favorite out of all the names out there. Especially after seeing V for Vendetta.

Jun 29 - 07:58 PM


First Last

How do we know Hugo Weaving really WAS in V for Vendetta? You hear his voice but never actually see him. For all we know, it could have been Jesus...

Jun 30 - 07:45 AM


Phranq Tamburri

[b]DEJA VU!!!![/b]
I Love Williams... most briliiant comedian in a generation.....HOWEVER!!!...

We all went through this in 1988 when RW was the fan communitys' TOP Pick for the Big J in Batman (the original). I had heard numerous rumers then that he wanted too much money, etc...
Obviously Jack received the role ,,, and a damn fine job. Oscar community did not even nominate him for best actor as he should have!

Back to the point= RW I feel missed his opportunity. Should have took the role back in 1988 when in his prime, younger, and a better fit in the Burton-verse of the Dark Knight.

He still gets it I will be glad since it won't be Adrian Brody, Ben Afflek, or some other lame choice.

Jun 30 - 06:49 PM


Phranq Tamburri

[b]CHRISTOPHER W A L K E N in White Face!!![/b]
The PERFECT sadistic Joker!

Jun 30 - 06:50 PM


Joe Chid

mark hamill dosen't really have a joker face........but i guess they could make him have one because he does a terrific joker voice he also does an excellent voice for the hob goblin in the 90s spiderman TV show

Jul 1 - 12:01 AM


Joe Chid

i actually kindof wish robin williams would shut up about being a batman villian in a batman movie he just wouldn't be good at it

Jul 1 - 12:02 AM

lavatory love machine

juan carlos petruchi

hugo weaving all the way

I think nolan will go for the psycho aproach, the villians on the first one seemed crazy but they all had a very calculated agenda

so I don't think it has to be funny at all, just a lunatic who laughs at people dying and stuff like that

Jul 1 - 09:12 AM


Francisco "Kiko" Gomez

all i care about is that the new joker must be close to batman's age.

robin willams is ok, but he's hella old. no on him.

Jul 2 - 05:46 PM


brad parks

[b]Johnny Depp?[/b]
I think he would do a good job. He did well as Willy Wonka and Captain Jack Sparrow. He is a bit younger looking for sure than Robin Williams.

Adrian Brody would be a terrible choice, unless he comes out of his shell I guess.

Hugo Weaving wouldn't be a bad choice either though.

Jul 3 - 06:04 AM


frank ford

i suppose sozestrangelove.

Jul 3 - 06:46 PM


Obi Wan Kenobi

[b]Robin No!!!![/b]
Robin Williams is an awesome actor but he is not the correct fit for Joker ------he should not do Joker right now ----the whole concept of Chris Nolan's vision will go kaput.

No doubt he's ll make an interesting Joker but we do not wish to see him don the Joker's garb.

I hope its Hugo Weaving.

Jul 3 - 10:35 PM


Patrick Hall

I think Heath Ledger should play The Joker =)

Jun 14 - 08:38 PM

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