Marion Ravenwood to Return in Indiana Jones 4?

The lovely Karen Allen was on hand at a New York screening of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" last week, and (of course) someone asked her if she had any involvement whatsoever with the 4th Indy flick that we've been waiting 400 years for. And, yes, she did have an answer.

From Dark Horizons: ""I asked the $64,000 question: would Marion and Indy reunite in number four? She laughed, and said she hears all kinds of rumors, just like everybody - "a friend will call me and say they read such-and-such in the Chicago Tribune." She's heard rumors that they were trying to find a place in it for her and for Kate Capshaw, "to tie up loose ends," but she emphasized that from what she's heard, Spielberg and Lucas are focused on getting the best script they can, and that "we'll know (who's in it)...when we know."

She added that she recently heard a rumor that Natalie Portman may play Indy's daughter. She laughed and said that, while watching the film this evening for the first time in many years, she noticed she didn't have her nightgown on in the "morning-after" scene on Katanga's boat. "So who knows, maybe I have a daughter!" she joked".



Sander Roubos

I wish they'd stop talking about this pic and start making it. This movie is Hollywood's answer to Duke Nukem Forever.

Jul 10 - 09:56 AM

Holly Jolly

Holly Jolly

Ah-ha-ha-ha! There answer to Duke Nukem for sure! Nice one.

Jul 10 - 11:41 AM


Will Potenberg

[b]Portman as Indy's daughter?[/b]

Could be cool, and she is hot.

Jul 10 - 10:01 AM


Robin Goins

Well when the movie comes out in 2025, it's probably gonna be the story of Indys grandson...who's mother is played by Natalie portman....

Jul 10 - 10:35 AM

Holly Jolly

Holly Jolly

Ah-ha-ha-ha! There answer to Duke Nukem for sure! Nice one.

Jul 10 - 11:41 AM


Chad Pourciau

Cool news. I wish they would hurry up with this film. Natalie Portman as his daughter is a cool idea. She's a great acctress.

Jul 10 - 12:19 PM


Roberto Cancelo

Natalie is a great acctress but she looks too young to play Indy's daughter. I like that idea but I would like to see another acctress older than Natalie.

Jul 10 - 02:47 PM


Ken Alleman

Marion is an awesome character. It would be great to see her again.

Jul 10 - 04:41 PM


Harry Myland

Make up is an amazing thing, if Natalie looks too young they can just add a few lines under her eyes and she'll do the job, she always does (...we'll exclude that little movie about stars and wars and such, I personally blame that performance on the director..)

Jul 10 - 09:03 PM


Josh Nielsen

Portman was born the same year Raiders was released, so if they wanted to make Marion the mother (which would make sense), Portman would be just about perfect. Of course, this is assuming they wanted to set the next movie 25 years after Raiders, which may not be the case.

Jul 11 - 05:49 AM

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