"Transformers" Loses a Big Cast Member

In an effort to deliver the timeliest and geekiest giant versatile robot news, all the movie sites have been reporting that Michael Clarke Duncan would star in Michael Bay's "Transformers." And he was going to. But he's not anymore.

From ComingSoon.net: ""Believe me. Trust me when I say I wanted to do that movie. Trust me when I say I wanted to do 'Transformers.' I'm a big kid at heart. I watched 'Transformers.' That was one of my favorite cartoons. Optimus Prime was one of my favorite characters and to be head of a Navy Seal team going in and fighting these gigantic robots would have been perfect. But, we just, I don't know. It was oil and water. It just did not mix and I wanted it to. Me and Michael Bay talked but we were on two different pages. I told him I was really sad because I said 'you know I'm coming to do good work.' I said 'you already know that. You won't have an actor that comes in high and that doesn't know his work.' I said 'you know that I'm coming to do good work.' We just couldn't get it together."

For a little info on flicks that Mike IS going to appear in (like "Talladega Nights" and "Sin City 2") check out the full article right here.



Walt Calis

another reason for me not to watch this movie

Jul 11 - 07:52 AM


Jon Sanford

Why didn't Michael Clarke just say he was leaving because he thought Bay's direction for the Transformers was going to suck? Would have been quicker?and true.

Jul 11 - 08:12 AM

Azlam Orlandu

Azlam Orlandu

I was holding out hope, but this is just bad.

Jul 11 - 08:33 AM


First Last

i'm not saying transformers is going to be a great movie (heck, we haven't seen ANYTHING from the movie, considering nothing from the teaser is in the movie) so i really don't care what Duncan has to say. it actually sounds pretty cocky of him to be saying things like that. i mean, he is a pretty good actor, but he seems a little full of himself in my opinion. oh well.
i just want to see some real footage for crying out loud, haha.

Jul 11 - 09:02 AM


R.L. Shaffer

Yeah, this was Michael Clarke Duncan's "nice" way of saying that Michael Bay is ruining the spirit and tone of the Transformers. The final product probably won't look anything like the original Transformers we know and love. But this isn't surprising after watching that horrid teaser attached to PotC 2. Yuck!

Jul 11 - 09:52 AM

Reel 2/Dialogue 2

Jar Jar Binks

[b]Less than meets the eye.[/b]
Exactly. Duncan sounds like his heart is in the right place and didn't realize earlier on that he was in Michael Bay's [i]GoBots[/i].

Jul 11 - 11:30 AM


Dan Mills

"I said OK...before I even read the script...I blame the prescription I'm on...anywhoo, I finally got around to reading it, and I laughed. It makes Daredevil read like 'Goodfellas', I thought out loud. The problem was, Bay was in the room. So I got ****canned, and mercifully so."

Jul 11 - 10:39 AM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

[b]Smells like...[/b]
...Godzilla. The American one.

Jul 11 - 10:47 AM


jeremy fein

Mr. Duncan you don't need to apologize. Michale Bay has made horrific films from armageddon to Pearl harbor. Maybe we;ll get lucky and Michael will get fired sometimes a Trailer is put out before the film is finished. So maybe halfway it will stop and Steven Spielberg will hire robert zemiciks

Jul 11 - 10:50 AM


Eli Ebb

Wow. Duncan's been with Bay for two films. Something really must've gone wrong to make Mikey wanna split. Bad cereal, perhaps? I hope not. I really want this movie to be good...

Jul 11 - 11:21 AM


Ciaran Vejby

[b]Bay's on his way out[/b]
Good for Michael! I mean seriously, who'd want to work with a director like Michael Bay, anyway?

Jul 11 - 11:29 AM

Reel 2/Dialogue 2

Jar Jar Binks

[b]Less than meets the eye.[/b]
Exactly. Duncan sounds like his heart is in the right place and didn't realize earlier on that he was in Michael Bay's [i]GoBots[/i].

Jul 11 - 11:30 AM


Chad Pourciau

Yeah he knew the movie would probably suck so he just left. Same thing I would have done.

Jul 11 - 12:36 PM


j b

M.C.D.'s comments sound obtuse, like trying to euphemise "oil & water" into political correct-speak. Wonder if MCD got down with Bay's housekeeper? "You'll never eat BOX in this town again, Mr. Duncan..."
BUT: everyone interested should read the early script review at latinoreview.com; very astute observations with provenance. Let's hope the art direction isn't screwed... it might make for crappy knockoff toys.
Who's running the betting pool on this movie?

Jul 11 - 02:03 PM


Nogard64 64

[b]huh who wrote this story?[/b]
Crappy McCrapperson? BOO HOO Thanx MB for killing a dream, looks like TF is going to blow cap all over the screen!

Jul 11 - 02:29 PM

I Am Remote

Robert Pilkington

Wow. Not a good sign. lol this movie is going to suck.

Jul 11 - 03:24 PM


BugMe Not

Anyone consider Duncan was asking for a hefty paycheck?

Jul 11 - 07:36 PM


mynameis mynameis

I never thought "Transformers" had any hope. When Micheal Bay is the directory you know what to expect. The saddest part is that Micheal Bay has gotten so many projects that had potential but he butchered them the instant he got his hands on them. Transformers will be likewise.

Jul 11 - 07:44 PM


Derick Qwerty

Dammit y'all, I still have hopes for this movie, regardless of who the director is :'(

Denial's starting to sink in.

Jul 12 - 12:00 AM


Nogard64 64

[b]justing hatin everything about it now!!![/b]
I hate yeah I used the word HATE! I hate the poster looks so lame! It should have just been all black with the red Autobot symbol or teh pruple decpeticon symbol and 7-4-07 under it. The trailer stinks! Because everyone knows they cashed onto earth millions of years ago, not mars. And bumblebee is a what? A camero instead of VW bug??? I was hoping maybe a 2006 VW turbo bug would be cool but a camero? HUH? Terrible! Just go ahead and rape my childhood Michael Bay!

Jul 12 - 12:28 AM


Enrique Rea

MCD learned his lesson from the "Daredevil" fiasco. He smelled a warm pile coming from Bay and decided to run the other way. Michael Bay is likely to make Transformer geeks feel ashamed, angry and assaulted after his reimagined version of a childhood favorite will be given a painful Hollywood "treatment".

Jul 12 - 12:49 AM

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