Jessica Alba Has an "Eye" for HK-Horror Remake

The remake of "The Eye" was originally set up at Paramount, and Renee Zellweger was scheduled to play the lead, but the project kind of fell through, which allowed Lionsgate to sweep in and pick it up "in turnaround." They plan to give the lead to Ms. Jessica Alba.

According to Variety, "Lionsgate is picking up Cruise/Wagner-produced remake "The Eye" out of turnaround from Paramount and is negotiating with Jessica Alba to star and French helmers David Moreau and Xavier Palud to direct. Pic will shoot this winter.

Recent genre successes make Lionsgate a natural fit for "The Eye," a thriller about a cornea transplant recipient who sees disturbing images in the mirror that send her on a quest to find out what happened to the eye's previous owner. Original was made in Hong Kong by Thai directing brothers Danny and Oxide Pang."



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as much as i think jessica alba is pretty, i think they are totally gonna mess this up. i liked the eye. but jessica playing the role and with hollywood making it all glammed up...hmmm...

Jul 12 - 11:04 AM

I Am Remote

Robert Pilkington

Ahhhhhhhh god. Why? I didn't like Zellweger either, but this is far worse. I may not even bother seeing it now.

Jul 12 - 11:44 AM


Bevan Calo

[b]Great Acting Abound![/b]
Alba will be there for eye candy only. God, they're going to mess up this good Asian horror flick.

Jul 12 - 11:48 AM


Jack Knut


Jul 12 - 12:23 PM


Diana Le

The Eye was just an okay film to me, but will probably end up loads better than this remake will be. Why can't they just find a way to distribute these Asian horror films to U.S. theaters?

Jul 12 - 01:33 PM


frank ford

i'll take it a step further then utti did, i think "the "eye" was just bad! bad acting with terrible writng and yes alba is a horrible actress, but she's only in it to be eye candy. so that young men which make up most horror movies audiences will go see the movie.

Jul 12 - 03:00 PM


Marilyn Martin

this for killbill82, dude why don't you finish your sentence.
"so young men which make up most horror movies audiences will go see the movie" .... to get off seeing alba.

Jul 12 - 03:26 PM

Master King Sexington

Tyler Jones

Most of the American translations of Japanese horror suck, I'm looking at you Dark Water. And godinanalcove, you are completely right. I'm only going to see this because I do get off on seeing Alba. Gotta be some prodution value.

Jul 13 - 02:05 AM


Victoria Leduc

Alba has to stop being in crappy movies that exploit her. She's making herself look bad (but I did like her in Sin City).

Jul 13 - 11:30 AM


frank ford

while i agree with you Master King Sexington [expect for dark water loved it] that's only because most of the japanese films that they come from stink.

Jul 13 - 12:05 PM


Nic Markham

Alba has some acting talents, directors should really hire her for those. I don't think anyone has ever seen her in a horror kind of movie though. She might actually be good at screaming? Who knows.

Jul 13 - 12:47 PM


Christy Saphaximay

[b]so clueless[/b]
as i sit here and read everyone's comments, i see most didn't really appreciate the origional eye. being of asian ethnicity, i found it very appealing. there were just some things in the movie that coul've been a little foggy because of different beliefs and traditions, and that was probably why most of you didn't like it as much. but for me, i loved it! but true, american producers do tend to butcher asian films, but i'm kind of excited to see this re-make!

Jun 20 - 12:00 AM


Justin Harris

I think Jessica is gonna do a Fantastic job! Shes such a talented actress. She has pulled off all her other movies, she can do the same with this.

Jessica Alba is only getting stronger and stronger. With alot of talent comes more stress. Thats why I think the movie will be a big help for her career. Her character Alison seems to reflect the stressful side of Jessica.

Much Love to the whole movie cast!

Dec 24 - 05:37 PM

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