Early Review: Jack Black's "Tenacious D" Flick

by Scott Weinberg | Wednesday, Jul. 19 2006

Aside from "Borat," one comedy flick that seems sure to become a cult favorite is Jack Black's rock-comedy "Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny." The usual suspects have a months-early review posted, but you know my policy on early reviews. But you might want to check it out...

From AICN: "Rest assured, it is AWESOME. It might even be the best film I've seen all summer, including Superman, X-Men, Pirates, etc. It is that good - really, really funny, having developed and relatable characters, terrific music and songs, and great comedic situations without lowest common denominator crassness. It is a lot of fun."

I'm sure this reader review comes from a legitimate source and not from someone connected to the film and/or studio. Or maybe I'm not sure. Either way, I dig the Jack Black and I look forward to "The Pick of Destiny," which arrives in November.