Apparently, Heath Ledger IS The Joker...

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Another Joker casting rumor is always good fun, but the guys over at Latino Review seem pretty confident that they're offering the straight scoop: Heath Ledger as The Joker in the sequel to "Batman Begins." (And I really wish they'd give us the title already.)

Says "We were first to tell the world that Brandon Routh was going to be the new Superman. Now here we are at it again as we just got word from A VERY TRUSTED SOURCE that the offer last night was officially made to Heath Ledger to star as The Joker in the Batman Begins Sequel!"

Also check out IGN FilmForce for a more in-depth look at the casting news. And then share your thoughts on how Heath Ledger will be a perfect / awful / passable / semi-average Joker. (Personally, I think it's a very cool choice. Wouldn't have guessed Ledger in a million years, though.)