Daniel Craig Joins Kidman in "The Golden Compass"

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I still haven't read the books, but the cast list on the movie adaptation is getting pretty impressive: New Bond Daniel Craig has just signed on to star opposite Nicole Kidman in "His Dark Materials" trilogy, which is based on the series by Philip Pullman.

From IGN FilmForce & Variety: "It appears that Daniel Craig, the newest James Bond actor, has committed to doing all three films in the "His Dark Materials" trilogy. Craig is signing up to play Lord Asriel in next year's major fantasy release "The Golden Compass," and it's a character that will appear in the other two films as well, should they be made, reports Variety.

Having Craig on the team is undoubtedly a major score for the producers. He joins super-starlet Nicole Kidman, Eva Green, and young Dakota Richards in a high-profile movie that is set to challenge "Narnia" and "Harry Potter" for dominance in the lucrative children's fantasy film genre."

Plus he's got another Bond movie to do...