All About "Feast" -- Dates, Trailers, Theaters

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Only the most passionate horror fans would bother going to a midnight screening of a movie that's going to hit DVD three weeks later, but it sure looks like the hardcore horror hounds are precisely who "Feast" was made for. Read on for information on the flick's (midnight, limited) release date venues. Ah, and there's an all-new trailer, too!

For a full listing of the theaters in which "Feast" will be playing on September 22nd, check out the official site right here.

And for those who want to see an enjoyably splattery trailer, well, Fangroria's hosting the "Feast" clip right here.

Born out of "Project Greenlight 3," John Gulager's "Feast" has been sitting on a shelf for quite some time now, but buzz from the genre fans is that it's quite a good piece of gore-slinging. The DVD hits shelves on October 17th, by the way.