Uwe Boll "Seed" You!

Here at RT Newsday we sometimes share on-set pics for the biggest, flashiest, and most eagerly-anticipated movies in the universe. And today we bring you on-set pics from Uwe Boll's next movie. Just to balance things out.

From Gareth at SKNR.net: "Seed" is an original Horror film based on the theory that if a person survives three jolts in the chair, they can go free."

--Already I can't wait to see this movie. OK, back to Gareth:

"Boll is currently filming "Seed" at locales such as a former Mental Hospital that, according to many of the locals I spoke with, is Haunted. Boll also said that "Seed" is an NC-17 type of film.

I also got an exclusive first look at "Seed" and the scene showed Michael Pare looking through a very eerie locale with only a flashlight providing the light. Boll explained that he chose to use only a flashlight for the scene to give a more natural look to the film as the audience sees only what the actors can see."

Aha, so that's how you get out of paying for all those lighting rig rentals... Flashlights!

"Seed" also stars Will Sanderson, Ralf Moeller, and Andrew Jackson. (Not the Andrew Jackson who was also the 7th President of the United States.) For the full report and some exclusive set pics, click here.

(Boll's next flick, "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale," is in the can and waiting to be unleashed soon.)


Dante Destin

First Last

It's good to know he's not out of job yet.

Aug 31 - 06:37 AM


Brian Bara

Actually, it's frightening to know that he is still working.

Aug 31 - 07:53 AM


Brian Bara

Actually, it's frightening to know that he is still working.

Aug 31 - 07:53 AM


Tyson Thomas

[b]Something very funny![/b]
This guy is a bad director. Maybe eventually he can get better. He has a huge love for directing, just like any other dreamer. But here is the funny thing. Even though, in the eyes of the person seeing the movie, his movies are flops, they make money. Through overseas realeases plus DVD's, his movies make a pretty good profit. It sucks that someone out there is probably the next Steven Spielberg, but won't get that chance because he, or she, doesn't have the connections that Uwe Bolle has to get started in the filming industry. Oh well, until then, I will just wait for his movies to be on cable, because I sure ain't going to pay 9 bucks to see them.

Aug 31 - 09:15 AM


Tom Ivers

Aspiring film makers need not apply for video game adaptations. There is only one "name director" attached to said films at the moment, and Uwe Boll is it. The production companies keep calling him A)Because the returns are satysfactory and he requires a meager budget. And B) because you can dangle game adaptions over his head and he'll salavate on cue like Pavlov's dog.

But this is not to say that he is robbing up-and-coming talent of their chance in OTHER genre. Go out and direct a mini-masterpiece like "Brick" yourself on your own shoestring budget. I guarantee you'll come up with something better than "House of the Dead" which Boll made for a few million.

Aug 31 - 09:57 AM


Birdy Man

the only reason his movies makes any kind of money is because he catters to the very young audience most of the time.

anyone over the age of 13 can clearly see his movies lack any shed of talent.

Aug 31 - 10:07 AM


Varun Rajiv

that sounds like a more appropriate cast for an Uwe Boll film (though i'm prob being unfair to them) than the one in Dungeon Seige.

Aug 31 - 10:19 AM


Hugh Jackman

I see he saw The Descent...

Aug 31 - 11:43 AM


Dan Mills

"Boll's next flick, 'In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale,' is in the can..."

Oh I'm sure it's in the can. It'll still be in the can when it's released.

Aug 31 - 04:43 PM


Matthew Allen

So 'Seed' isn't based on a video game?

That can't be right?!

Aug 31 - 09:49 PM


Dan Huck

[b]Think about it[/b]
He is working the opposite direction now. Instead of turning video games into crappy movies he wants his crappy movies turned into video games....his new ultimate goal to rule the world.

Sep 1 - 07:12 PM

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