Tom Cruise Handed Reins to Reborn United Artists

After a very public break-up with Paramount back in August, Tom Cruise and producing partner Paula Wagner have rebounded, set to run the venerated movie studio founded by Hollywood greats Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith.

Cruise and Wagner will revive the new United Artists by ramping up production at the long-dormant studio, which in recent years only served as the occasional art-house distributor for parent companies MGM and Sony.

Under the new administration, UA will produce at least four films per year, with Wagner serving as CEO and Cruise as producer and star. MGM will distribute their pics.

Prior to this new gig, Cruise and Wagner were comfortably ensconced in a fourteen-year relationship with Paramount Studios, where they reaped big returns with Cruise vehicles like "Vanilla Sky," "War of the Worlds," and the "Mission: Impossible" franchise.

But by last summer, it appeared the honeymoon was over as Paramount denied Cruise/Wagner their $10 million annual fee following a year's worth of Tom Cruise zaniness in the media (Oprah couch-jumping, Katie Holmes wooing, Scientology-endorsing, psychiatry-bashing, Brooke Shields-feuding).

In any case, Cruise and Wagner have been given near-total reign to "control the development, production, and greenlighting of UA films, though subject to certain parameters."

Cruise has yet to announce his next starring role following this summer's "Mission: Impossible III" (which grossed $395 million worldwide). Cruise/Wagner Productions is in various stages of production on four upcoming films, including remakes of the Pang brothers' Hong Kong horror flick "The Eye" and the 1975 cult film, "Death Race 2000."



Carson Winter

No, Tom, stay away from Daeth Race 3000! No more remakes, no more Cruise. Please Hollywood, spare us!

Nov 2 - 04:27 PM


Cap Nord

It's make or break time for old Tom. Personally, I think he's going to seize this second chance and revive his popularity and eventually get the Oscar that has eluded him.

Nov 2 - 05:11 PM


David Smith

I hope no actors are dumb enough to sign on for any new UA projects.

Nov 2 - 06:19 PM


Todd Milford

Go away you Tom haters!!! I do not care what he does on Oprahs couch, or with whoever... As long as he keeps making the great action movies that he has for the past 20 years I will be there.

Nov 2 - 06:26 PM


Aaron Wilkins

Hate the the actor.

One of the higher-ups at Paramount had (and have) problems with successful men that were much younger than him. Most of his firings have been younger men. So I don't blame the fall-out on Cruise as much as old Hollywood.

Nov 2 - 06:45 PM


kyle murray

agreed with above..i dont care what he does with his life.. bring on

Nov 2 - 06:50 PM


glenn welsh

this just in...United Artists has been renamed Xenu Pictures. more to follow...

Nov 2 - 08:40 PM

Adonis Zheng

Zheng Tony

O, he is cool, but hope he won't walk on the wrong road, it will destroy him.

Nov 3 - 12:39 AM


Katie Teasdale

Agre with the comment Hate the man - love the actor.
i think he is a prize idiot but i cant fault many of this films.
Hopefully this will brign him back to his best

Nov 3 - 02:42 AM


Birdy Man

he's a great actor and always delivers entertaining flicks. there is n doubt that he's off the wall, but who cares? who isn't off the wall in hollywood anyways?

Nov 3 - 03:46 AM


Robin Goins

So when are we gonna get punished with the BF:Earth 2 movie?

Nov 3 - 05:10 AM


First Last

United Artists = "Heaven's Gate." 'nuff said...

Nov 3 - 07:19 AM


victor lopez

I'm glad to see that such a good and legendary studio like United Artists could finally be rescued by powerful people. MGM and UA must never die.

Nov 3 - 08:33 AM


Amanda T

I used to like the actor, but the man took over. Whenever I see Cruise, even in one of his old movies, all I can think of is the crazy attention-craving moron.

I heard from a poll taken in Europe (sorry no link) that the majority of people would rather be stuck in an elevator with Saddam Hussein than Tom Cruise. OUCH.

Nov 3 - 08:39 AM


Robin Goins

thats probably because Saddam would end the suffering faster.

Nov 3 - 09:37 AM


Robin Goins

thats probably because Saddam would end the suffering faster.

Nov 3 - 09:37 AM


Dan Mills

Tom is not any crazier than anyone else in Hollywood.

Nov 3 - 02:42 PM

Unbreakable Samurai

Unbreakable Samurai

I think he's a great actor, and am happy about this. It's nice to see UA is going to be back. Hopefully this will go very well.

Nov 3 - 03:05 PM


Anna C

[b]Rain Man= MGM last big hit[/b]
Isn't it ironic?
Rain Man won four oscars and was a huge worldwilde hit.

Tom Cruise has several episodes last years. I think he had a nervous breakdown and nobody could control him.
Can people forgive?
I can, no problem, nobody's perfect.

Tom is nice, no question, but he has a pretty ego ;) He's not the only one though.

Good luck C/W Prod!

Nov 9 - 04:43 PM

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