Sony and Sam Raimi to Revisit "The Shadow"

Yeah, so it was only 12 years ago that we last saw a big-screen adaptation of the classic character "The Shadow." That's not about to stop Sony from hiring Sam Raimi to produce a new version!

From The Hollywood Reporter: "After a lengthy negotiation, Columbia has acquired the screen rights to "The Shadow," the legendary 1930s pulp hero, for a big-screen adaptation to be produced by Raimi and Josh Donen through their Buckaroo Entertainment banner. Michael Uslan is also producing via his Comic Book Movies, Llc/Branded Entertainment. Columbia has set Siavash Farahani to write the screenplay.

"The Shadow" debuted in 1931 on a CBS radio show which aimed to boost the magazine circulation of sponsor Street & Smith. The character was actually the moniker for the announcer, and listeners began demanding stories based on the name.

Walter B. Gibson created the character, writing the adventures of a crime-fighter who skulked in shadows wearing a hat and cape, and who had the power to cloud men's minds. The Shadow became one of the greatest pulp heroes of the time, and the radio series, which featured a young Orson Welles, spawned the catchphrase "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"

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joe fish

I'll probably go and see it.

Dec 12 - 05:35 AM


Josh Quarles

I wonder if Sam Raimi was on the short list because of "Darkman". I'll watch most anything he does. I've been a fan since the old "Evil Dead" stuff... and I didn't even like horror movies back then!

Dec 12 - 06:06 AM


David Goldman

I actually like the Alec Baldwin version, the script sucked but the direction was well done. Considering Darkman and the Spiderman trilogy this project seems perfect for Sam Raimi. I guess the "Hobbit" is still undecided, I say let Middle-Earth rest and do this

Dec 12 - 06:53 AM


Paul Cieslewicz

Please let this be a better version than the piece of crap that was released in the 90's with Alec Baldwin! The best thing to come out of that was the Taylor Dane song on the soundtrack. The film tried too hard to be an amalgam of Batman, Indiana Jones, Darkman and whatever other semi-successful superhero movie that had come before it. Other than one absolutely fantastic image of The Shadow standing in full pose with the wind blowing his cape, the movie was a horrible disappointment. I'd much rather see it go dark and gritty like the DC Comics series from the late 80's & early 90's.

Dec 12 - 11:18 AM


Dan Mills

Producers mean little to nothing for me. Call me when they find out who's directing.

Dec 12 - 12:39 PM

Steve Perry

henry mcnulty

exactly. Raimi produce the grudge and it sucked!

Dec 12 - 01:11 PM


Robin Goins

The Alec Baldwin version was pretty good, but I thought they could have done better. It would be interesting to see who they cast this time. Or hell if Sylvester can come back as Rocky maybe Alec can come back.

Dec 12 - 12:57 PM

Steve Perry

henry mcnulty

exactly. Raimi produce the grudge and it sucked!

Dec 12 - 01:11 PM

Darkness My Old Friend

Michael Tousey

[b]Unless I'm entirely misremembering what I read in[/b]
... Sam Raimi made Darkman specifically because he wanted to make The Shadow but couldn't, causing him to decide to make his own pulp comic hero.

Go read the book to see if I'm wrong... and because Bruce Campbell is a hero.

Dec 12 - 05:33 PM


Ryan Ohlemeier

The Original Movie has been one of my favorites for some time, but the thought of Sam Raimi doing a remake totally blows me away. I cant wait to see it IF it comes out. Alec Baldwin really sucked.

Dec 12 - 07:14 PM


Bevan Calo

Baldwin did all right, it was the script that really demolished the movie. But Raimi could set things right and really get down the tone of this dark pulp hero. 90's hero movies tended to be more upbeat and colorful than they should have been (see Batman Forever and The Phantom).

Dec 14 - 05:59 AM

Reel 2/Dialogue 2

Jar Jar Binks

[i]The best thing to come out of that was the Taylor Dane song on the soundtrack.[/i]

Along with Jerry Goldsmith's score.

Dec 14 - 11:17 AM


thomas carter

i just want a green hornet movie. i mean the shadow was a fine film that i guess could use a face lift. but green hornet would just own


Dec 14 - 03:31 PM


maurice fuenets

I, for one, HATED the Taylor Dane song on the 1994 Shadow film. That, and that cheesy Kenny G smooth jazz music playing in that scene with Alec Baldwin and Penelope Ann Miller at the Chinese restaurant. I wonder if the smooth jazz and the Taylor Dane stuff were the fault of "music supervisor" Jellybean Benitez. I don't know why any director or studio would feel that a film composer of Goldsmith's talent would require a "music supervisor".

Or maybe the smooth jazz stuff, along with the godawful one-liners, were attempts by the studio to make the film more "marketable". Screenwriter David Koepp (coincidentally the screenwriter on the first two Spiderman films) complained at the time of the film's release that the time period of his original script had been moved from the late 20's/early 30's(the time of the Shadow's debut) to the late 30's(the time of the Orson Welles run on the Shadow radio show). And Shadow-devoted sites mention deleted scenes in which the Shadow exerts creepy mind control over his agents, surreal, hallucinogenic scenes of the Shadow in his Inner Sanctum communicating with his agents via pneumatic tube, and flashback scenes of Lamont Cranston's early childhood, in which the Tulku reminds him that the darkness in his heart has been with him all along.

These deleted scenes sound like they would have made the 1994 film exactly what a Shadow film should have been: an exciting, creepy, guilty pleasure, kind of like getting a contact high in an opium den.

Long story short, like any number of other films, it sounds like Universal started with a great script, hired great actors, hired a good director, and then proceeded to completely **** it up.

The one thing everyone seems to agree on regarding the 1994 film is that the sets were fantastic. Just like the old Universal horror movie sets, but in full color. Ditto for the costumes.

Maybe, but doubtful, Universal will release a "director's cut" of the 1994 film, with the deleted scenes put back and the smooth jazz taken out of the soundtrack.

But, anyway, back to the Sam Raimi-producing-a-new-Shadow-movie topic. I'd prefer he direct the film. Now, who should play the Shadow? Some kind of tall, skinny guy with a big nose?

Jul 25 - 08:59 PM

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