RT-UK Exclusive: Early Golden Compass Footage Revealed


New Line today threw open the doors of its Shepperton Studios set for the upcoming fantasy adaptation of Philip Pullman?s "The Golden Compass for Rotten Tomatoes UK with a ten minute reel of assembled early footage from the film. And from what we?ve seen, fans of the book won?t be disappointed. Back to Article



Justin Keeling

So hyped for this movie. :)

Jan 23 - 12:28 PM


Spike Gelato

Are people that haven't read the books going to see the movie?

Jan 23 - 01:03 PM


Akilis O

The last time I checked, not everyone has read every adapted novel. I doubt everyone who went to see Harry Potter, LOTR read the books before seeing them. If the movie is good/great, people will see it.

Jan 23 - 01:58 PM


First Last

Unfortunately, that's not usually the case. This one needs word of mouth that those other films you mention had. I loved these books, and I fully intend on going, but I still feel this series is rather obscure in the eyes of most Americans. Add on top of that the overtly religious overtones, and you have a problem with middle America. An open mind is required for these films to find success, and I don't think the majority of Americans are willing to have their faith challenged like Pullman does. I have a feeling this film will be met with controversy, but hey, we saw what that did for the Passion, so who knows...

Jan 23 - 02:56 PM


Justin Keeling

[b]the books[/b]
Not sure about the scenario in the US, but these books are HUGE in the UK.

A BBC poll (user voted) placed them as the *third best loved books of all time*, above Harry Potter even. They have grown in prominence largely thanks to word of mouth.

I'll echo that, I was a doubter but having read them they quickly became among my favourite books of all time.

Link to the BBC poll: http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/bigread/top100.shtml

Jan 23 - 03:42 PM


Katie Teasdale

Another UK fan here...most peopel will give these books and films a go based on the success of Potter etc...i work for HO of a cienma chain and we will definately be promoting this film lots as it has blockbuster potential!

Jan 24 - 12:53 AM


Matthew Packer

[b]The start of something special[/b]
It's about time we had a fantasy where the IQ is as important as the spectacle, and this is going to be it. That?s a seriously exciting summary of the early footage ? thank you.

I'd like to echo the previous posts from UK fans - the His Dark Materials books are among the most talked-about the UK has seen over the last 20 years, and are also a major force among discerning Fantasy readers. It's amazing what Philip Pullman gets away with in this trilogy in terms of questioning received wisdom about childhood experience, sin, religion and ? especially ? taking everything your parents say for granted. On one level, Fantasy should be trying to make you think differently about conventional ideas, and for that, Pullman?s trilogy is a mighty achievement.

Films adapted from books always draw in larger audiences than the books themselves, so I?m pretty convinced that the Golden Compass will follow that pattern.

The bigger the audience is for this film, the more copies of HDM books will fly off the shelves. This will make it harder for New Line to soft-pedal or ignore the trilogy?s more contentious theologiocal elements when they adapt The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass.

It will also do the power of good for Pullman?s new, stand-alone Lyra novel, The Book of Dust, when it is finally published.

Hopefully someone will also take on Clive Barker?s The Thief of Always and Abarat soon. They would make wonderful films.

Jan 24 - 07:03 AM

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