Bousman Gears Up for His Third "Saw" Fest

Not too long ago director Darren Lynn Bousman said he was saying goodbye to the "Saw" franchise, but with the clock running out on pre-production on "Saw 4," he ultimately accepted a third invitation to the director's chair.

Yep, after helming such varied films as "Saw 2" and "Saw 3," Mr. Bousman will indeed be returning for "Saw 4," which begins shooting mid-April in Toronto. Earlier nerd-buzz indicated that production designer David Hackl would be stepping up to the directorial plate, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Fortunately Darren B. does have a non-"Saw" project cooking between Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate. It's a rather strange-sounding piece called "Repo! The Genetic Opera," but I'm guessing that flick won't get underway until "Saw 4" is put to bed ... or he's roped back in to "Saw 5."

Ah, and it seems that the final "Saw 4" screenplay has been chosen; it's the one written by "Feast" scribes Marcus Dunston and Patrick Melton.

"Saw 4" opens on October 26th. (And did you know that the "Saw" trilogy has grossed over $400 million worldwide, not including DVD? Yowch!)

[ Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, ]



Pas the point Vicens


Feb 21 - 03:44 AM


Rusty Baldwin

Are you serious? Its not like the movies are getting better under his direction.

Feb 21 - 05:01 AM


jason padinske

I can't wait... Pretty awesome having an entertaining franchise come out every year

Feb 21 - 09:00 AM


steve saenz

Its not like these movies are masterpieces, but its damn fun entertainment, plus that theme they play at the end makes the movies for me.

Feb 21 - 09:00 AM


andrew kruzel

How can they make another sequal? This is just like how they want to make a sequal to the Departed, it cant and should not be done.

Feb 21 - 09:46 AM


Matanuki .

I second that, Stopsaenz; the themes are what make the Saw franchise compelling, that above the gore. This, in fact, is what sets it apart from Hostel, which, while the first film was arguably weak, has a sequel coming out as well that's getting some good buzz. As for Aknddon, I also agree with you; Deparded most definitely does not need a sequel. In fact, that idea is pretty ridiculous considering the ending. Even considering the diminishes the story.

Feb 21 - 10:39 AM


Russell Brown

Bousman sucks. He has all the class of a wet paper bag. I hope saw IV's recap for retards at the end is even funnier than 3's

Feb 21 - 10:51 AM


Richard Fernandez

They should stop after 5...
To prevent any way that Jigsaw vs. Hostel could come to fruition.

Feb 21 - 11:17 AM


Eric Wiles

violence for violences sake.........wonderful.

Feb 21 - 02:29 PM


Rob Clark

Ug... I can't believe they went with a script by the jackasses that wrote "Feast". I'm not expecting much.

Feb 21 - 04:11 PM


Brian Lorenzo

Personally, i think Saw should take a year off for quality and he should start making Repo! The Genetic Opera. it sounds kinda fun and intresting.

Feb 21 - 05:54 PM

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