Will "Grindhouse" Split Up and Hit Theaters Again?

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As far as the overseas release plans for "Grindhouse" are concerned, the Weinsteins were always planning to split the flick into two and sell 'em as solo movies. And now with the underwhelming opening weekend for the double feature behind us, it looks like they might want to do the same thing over here.

As much as I really dug the movie(s), I'm not all that surprised at its slow start ($12 million opening weekend) at the box office. A three-hour blood-soaked double feature would be a tough sell on any weekend ... let alone one of the Easter variety.

But the Weinsteins have a plan! According to one very thorough and fascinating report, Bob and Harvey are considering a simple scheme: Slice "Grindhouse" up into two movies (they can call 'em "Planet Terror" and "Death Proof"), wait a few weeks/months and then re-release 'em into the multiplexes -- as if people will flock to one $8.00 movie when they just recently refused to go see the flick when it was 2 for $8.00. (Did that make any sense?)

Throwing all his ammo into the mix, Mr. Weinstein is thinking about tossing those "missing reels" back into the flicks should they show up in American cinemas again -- anything to make a little extra coin back from a fairly expensive project that really stumbled out of the domestic gate. But don't feel too bad: The movie's damn good -- which is really all that matters to a guy like me -- plus between overseas income, video, cable, etc., the Weinsteins are sure to cut a profit eventually.

Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily