"Indy 4" Bits: Sequel Title and the Absence of Sallah

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Just a pair of "Indiana Jones 4" tidbits to pass along this Tuesday: An old "work in progress" title is being tossed around again -- and will Jones' loyal pal Sallah be absent from the archaeologist's fourth adventure?

"Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods" is what one source points to as the 'current' title for the long-awaited movie, but it's a title that's been mentioned before, and could definitely be dropped if Spielberg and Lucas come up with something better. So far the cast list includes Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett, Ray Winstone, and Shia LaBeouf.

In other (sadder) news, we're getting reports that "Indy 4" will be entirely Sallah-free, which kind of stinks because, hey, who doesn't love John Rhys-Davies? (I missed him in "Temple of Doom," that's for sure.) The actor indicates that producers were going "younger" this time around, and also that he's never been approached to work on the flick. Darn.

Sources: JoBlo, Dark Horizons