Prepare Yourself: "Spider-Man" Dances!

by Fred Topel | Thursday, Apr. 26 2007

Fans of Spider-Man have been excited to see the dark suited incarnation of their hero brought to the screen since the teaser poster revealed it. But even they have no idea what's in store for Peter Parker. Possessed by the darkness, he gets so cocky he struts down the street and dances it up with the ladies.

While the strut looks like Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever," actor Tobey Maguire downplays that comparison. "I saw that a long time ago, but I didn?t watch it to reference him for the movie. I mean, I recognize some of the similarities and I will say though that he was cooler."

Speaking of cool, Peter may think he's got the moves, but if this is as suave as he gets, it still may not help with the ladies. "Well, first of all that was Peter Parker dancing, not Tobey. It really is a thing where Peter thinks he?s super cool and suave, and really he?s a cornball. So we were making fun of that and having fun and our aim was for people to be laughing, so I had that in mind while I was dancing."

Still, Maguire put in his time to learn the steps. "Yeah, I worked with some people, a choreographer and some other people. A couple of dance people and the inside part was pretty much all choreographed and then the outside, the basic idea of it was choreographed, and then we kind of riffed on it and had fun from there."

"Spider-Man 3" opens May 4.