"Wall Street 2": Revenge of the Gekko!

by Scott Weinberg | Tuesday, May. 08 2007

No, that's not the title they'll be using, but it definitely looks like Michael Douglas and producer Edward R. Pressman are planning a sequel to Oliver Stone's "Wall Street."

"Money Never Sleeps" is what the sequel will be called, and it will focus on Gordon Gekko, fresh out of prison and ready to dive right in to the massive mounds of "hedge-fund" money that's littering Wall Street. Oliver Stone is not expected to direct the sequel, nor is Charlie Sheen's character going to be involved. The screenplay is being written by Stephen Schiff, who penned "Lolita," "The Deep End of the Ocean," and "True Crime."

And apparently the Gordon Gekko character has NOT mellowed with age -- which could make for a whole lot of fun.

Source: The New York Times